Midseason Pilot Review: Intelligence

Airs: Mondays on CBS at 10 EST

Timeslot Competition: Castle (ABC), The Blacklist (NBC)

Premise: Gabriel Vaughn (Josh Holloway) is a US intelligence officer with a microchip implanted in his brain that lets him connect to technology around the world. Riley Neal (Meghan Ory) is assigned to protect him from harm, both internal and external.

Pre-show Thoughts: This sounds a bit like a less nerdy Chuck. I’m not sure how I feel about that since I love the nerdiness of Chuck. However, I do love the cast very much and I in theory anyway, I like the idea of the plot.

Post-show Thoughts: I was rather underwhelmed by this show. Apparently it was not the plot of Chuck that I found interesting, which I had suspected. This is a slightly different take on the concept, as Gabriel was intentionally chosen to be implanted with the chip and he was a strong fighter without it. It also reminded me a little bit of Anthony’s story in Dollhouse with the upgraded soldiers. Other that the plot about the wife who may or may not have been a traitor, much of the show just reminded me of something else.

On one hand, I can applaud CBS for attempting to step out of their procedural box again. While it will be a case-of-the-week show, there will be ongoing story elements that will prove important to character growth and give it some level of serialization.

I wanted to like this because I enjoy the cast so much. It was just so serious and completely devoid of humor or even many likeable character moments that it couldn’t hold my interest. I’m not interested in the plot enough to overlook these things for the time being while the show finds it footing. If it becomes great at some point, I’d consider revisiting it because of its cast but for now, I’ll give it a pass.


3 thoughts on “Midseason Pilot Review: Intelligence

  1. I definitely agree with you on this one. While I liked the two main leads, the writing just didn’t wow me. Some of the scenes felt a little off, like they were too short or too stilted – for example, near the beginning when Riley is being told about her new job, the way it just jumped from hello between her and Lillian into an infodump via dialogue about bringing her into the loop felt weird and sort of obvious.

    The non-case plot itself was also sort of obvious, with the “you’re not here to question my decisions” and Riley’s defiance and then Lillian’s eventual help etc. Even the name of the chip’s project (Clockwork) felt sort of predictable and like I’d heard it used somewhere before. The case was just okay, and I didn’t actually feel very emotionally affected by anything other than a few moments between Riley and Gabriel.

    I definitely agree with you that there was humor lacking from this, which I think would have helped a lot. Most of the characters felt sort of devoid of personality for most of the show, just all sort of straight-faced and sober, and some humor probably would’ve made them more interesting/likeable/etc. I feel like the show has potential – mostly from the two leads’ interactions – and I love the cast, but the writing needs to step up if it’s going to get anywhere.

    In my opinion, the pilot wasn’t good enough to really draw in a big crowd in the future (though I could be wrong – after all, there’s some really popular shows that I probably don’t like much at all lol). I’m not sure if it will survive in this time slot to be honest, considering that I know of at least three different shows that air at 10pm on Mondays that will probably be drawing a larger (or more engaged) audience (Castle, Blacklist, and Teen Wolf). I suppose we’ll see what happens.

    1. I’m happy that you agree about the show!

      I think you’re right about the show not surviving once it’s moved to it’s timeslot. I don’t think it’s gonna pull viewers away from it’s competition much, if at all. Which is good because I want Meghan back on OUaT!

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