Midseason Pilot Review: Chicago PD

Airs: Wednesdays on NBC at 10 EST

Timeslot Competition: Nashville (ABC), CSI (CBS)

Premise: This spin-off of Chicago Fire focuses on the uniformed police patrol and Intelligence Unit of the Chicago Police Department.

Pre-show Thoughts: I’m this show’s target audience. I am already a huge fan of Chicago Fire and I already like one of the characters from his appearances on it. If this show makes me as emotionally attached to its characters as Chicago Fire has, I will love it.

Post-show Thoughts: Based on this first episode, this show is going to break my heart on multiple occasions. I don’t love it yet but I think it has potential. I’m less interested in the cases that the Intelligence Unit is seemingly going to be solving which does put a bit of a damper on things until the characters find their footing.

I am thrilled that I will get to see Antonio on a regular basis because I adore him but seriously, he lost his partner and his son got kidnapped in the first episode. I don’t want this to be a recurring theme on the show.

I like the characterization they seem to be going for with Voight, especially considering my mixed feelings on him from Chicago Fire. He clearly cares about his team and the kids in the neighborhoods he works in, he’s just a bit unpleasant and more than a little morally grey in the process.

Finally, I want the crossovers between shows to keep happening even though the timelines don’t necessarily match up. I loved seeing a full bar at Molly’s and Hermann and Otis behind the bar and I liked the small glimpse of Gabby. I’d love some scenes with her and the rest of Antonio’s family in the near future.


3 thoughts on “Midseason Pilot Review: Chicago PD

  1. I guess I came to this series without the knowledge that you have because I’ve not seen even one episode of Chicago Fire. On the other hand, I am very familiar with Dick Wolf’s Law & Order franchise and the spin-offs.

    In my own review, I called the show a likely hit. I’m basing it on the concept that an old formula and doing it by the numbers as in straight out of the cop tv show playbook, is a method that allows us to see familiar situations. These may not always be comfortable, but I think it helps a viewer settle in.

    I think the Dawson kidnapping is a simple hook technique, used by Wolf to give us a reason to come back for the second episode. While you may not want to see Seda’s Dawson have to deal with this kind of personal issue regularly, I don’t see it as a recurring theme.

    Voight’s willingness to bend the rules, is as you said, something that makes him “more than a little morally grey”. But he will have the backs of his unit. He says they must tell him the truth so he can lie for them.

    I am personally looking forward to seeing how the series deals with Voight and the dirt bag lieutenant that calls it a joint effort, then withholds info.

    I’m signing up to follow your blog.

    1. Thank you for commenting and for following!

      I have the feeling that Chicago PD is going to be more like the Law & Order franchise than Chicago Fire (which is more character focused than anything else) so I appreciate your perspective.

      I completely agree that the kidnapping is just so people tune in next week which is fine because I know ratings are important. I may be a little oversensitive about it since one of my favorite characters on Chicago Fire continues to have bad experience after bad experience.

      I hope you are correct about this show being a hit because I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.

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