Midseason Pilot Review: Enlisted

Airs: Fridays on FOX at 9:30 EST

Timeslot Competition: Shark Tank (ABC), Hawaii Five-0 (CBS), Grimm (NBC), Reruns/Hart of Dixie (CW)

Premise: Three brothers end up stationed on the same military base, giving them an opportunity to work together and strengthen their bonds.

Pre-show Thoughts: Thanks to a lot of positive hype from various critics, I was really looking forward to this show. I enjoyed Alan Sepinwall’s interview with the creators and felt like they had a clear vision of what they wanted this show to be.

Post-show Thoughts: I really enjoyed this. Pilot episodes of comedies are not known for making me tear up but I loved the scene where the unit chose a motto. It was warm while still being funny.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of the brothers interacting with each other as well as the unit interacting and growing in abilities. The casting of Pete, Randy, and Derrick was excellent – they really feel like brothers. I love Randy’s enthusiasm for everything even if he’s not a great soldier. They balance each other out and that’s what makes them so enjoyable to watch.

I wish that FOX had given it a better timeslot because it’s current one is awful but I am going to enjoy watching this show for however long it airs.


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