Episode of the Week: January 5th – January 11th

This week in television, Emily told the truth about her identity on Revenge, The Good Wife gave us a remarkably catchy song (complete with a cast video), Castle made everyone cry, Teen Wolf returned with nightmares for Scott, Stiles, and Allison, Holt had small dogs to give away on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Nick reminded us all to do what we love on New Girl, Bert adopted lobsters and gave them capes on Trophy Wife, Danny motivated Mindy to work out by having her imagine that she was saving celebrities on The Mindy Project, Casey returned to Firehouse 51 on Chicago Fire, Parks and Recreation celebrated their 100th episode, Community took on the serial killer genre, Marcus Bell and Sherlock made amends on Elementary, Joel and Julia made everything hurt on Parenthood, Hodgins reminded us all of his perfection on Bones, and The Carries Diaries tackled the threat of AIDS in the 80s. It also brought show premieres for Intelligence, Killer Woman, Chicago PD, and Enlisted.

This was a harder decision than I anticipated it being. This week’s episode of Castle made me sob harder than anything has since the season 4 finale of Parenthood. Seamus and Juliana Dever were so fanastically heartbreaking even though I knew Ryan and Esposito would survive. It was a wonderful reminder of how emotionally attached I am to these characters and how rewarding Castle makes those attachments.

However, this was the 100th episode of Parks and Recreation and it was a wonderful way to celebrate the show’s past and future. The theme of this episode was “dream bigger” and that’s exactly what this show makes me do. It’s a show about hope and excitement and passion and that’s why I love it.

Watching Leslie lose the recall election was hard. Watching her be so desperate for the approval of a town who rejected her was even harder. It was completely in character because City Council has been her ambition for the past season and a half but like everyone else on the show, I didn’t think it was the right move. Of course, in his role as wonderful husband, Ben got Leslie the best gift he could have possibly gotten her. He got someone to remind her that her dreams didn’t end with the City Council. And a trip to Paris, which was also very nice.

Leslie’s journey in this episode was paralleled by Tom. Since the start of the show, Tom has wanted something more than the Parks department in Pawnee. After his failed business ventures and the buy-out of Rent-a-Swag, he was looking for direction. The Shark Tank scene was fantastic and of course Jerry had a good idea that he then broke. Even though that idea failed, I love that he came up with something that fit his personality so well and that he’s excited about doing.

I loved all the townspeople we got to see in this episode from Perd Hapley to Jean-Ralphio. Pawnee has so many memorable citizens and I enjoy seeing them from time to time.

On a similar note, it was very nice to have Andy back! I loved April’s attempts to wake him up and it’s just nice to see him back with the rest of the characters.

My only complaint is that Ann and Chris have been so isolated in the past few episodes. I wouldn’t mind if they weren’t leaving, but I need more Leslie and Ann scenes. I would have liked to see Ann talking to Leslie about why running for City Council again might not be the best idea or Leslie sharing Ann’s excitement about her baby boy. I miss seeing their friendship.


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