Season Finale Review: Sleepy Hollow

Renewal Status: Renewed

Season Thoughts: I love this show. I love the blend of prophecy and history and the world they have created. I love Orlando Jones and his enthusiasm over the show and being a fan. I love the adorable press pictures that Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie have taken. More than anything else, I love the characters and their relationships. Ichabod and Abbie’s relationship has been at the forefront of the season and it has been a joy to see how quickly their bond cemented and to watch it grow even deeper. I’ve loved seeing Abbie and Jenny reconnecting after all these years and all the secrets and hurt between them. I never grew quite as fond of the relationship between Ichabod and Katrina but learning about their past helped a little with that.

Over the course of the season, this show has made me both laugh and cry while keeping me entertained. I can’t ask for much more than that.

Finale Thoughts: This show. That was one of the more ridiculously gripping endings to a season that I’ve seen in a while. I did not see either of the twists with the Second Horseman coming at all.

This episode reaffirmed why Abbie Mills is one of my favorite characters on TV right now. Moloch has taken so much from her – he took her sister, he took her mentor, and now he’s taken her away from her sister and partner again. Yet she keeps fighting. Nicole Beharie did such a fantastic job in this episode. You could see her trying to fight off the worry that she’d be left alone again by Ichabod saving Katrina and it made my heart ache. But when she thought that they needed Katrina to prevent the Second Horseman from rising, she didn’t hesitate to sacrifice herself. She realized that she’s not alone any more and because of that, she was ready to take on Moloch. She trusted in Jenny and in Ichabod’s connection with her and even in Katrina’s promise.

Though I would prefer that Abbie not be stuck in Purgatory, I was actually very excited by Katrina in the modern world. I liked her confusion over Ichabod’s use of the word “cool” and the fact that he got to be the one most familiar with his surroundings. Her complete heartbreak at what Jeremy had become was so palpable and some of Katia’s best work this season.

It was also very nice to see Victor Garber as Ichabod’s father! It was great casting and a fantastic scene for Tom Mison. He also got some great chances to shine while they were in Purgatory, most notably when Abbie said that she would stay behind so Katrina could leave. He was horrified that he had a role in making the prophecy come true yet fiercely determined that he would be back for her and desperate for her to know that. For me, his best work this season has always been when he’s showing how strong his bond is with Abbie as his fellow Witness and this was no exception.

What a heartbreaking ending though. Jenny is hurt and potentially dead, Abraham has Katrina, Ichabod has been buried alive, and Abbie is stuck in a dollhouse in Purgatory. Season 2 cannot come soon enough.

Hopes for Season 2: First of all, I’d like everyone to be OK. If this show became Abbie, Jenny, Ichabod, and Katrina teaming up to fight off the impending apocalypse, I’d be fine with that.

Honestly, I feel confident in the writers. This show is full of twists and turns but it always manages to land the emotional connection and all I hope is that it keeps up the good work.


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