Finale Review: The Carrie Diaries

Renewal Status: Unknown, but renewal is unlikely

Season Thoughts: I haven’t enjoyed this season quite as much as season 1, but it’s still one that I really enjoy watching. I haven’t loved the various ways that the writers tried to add tension between Carrie and Sebastian in the early part of the season when they are at their best when they are happy and exploring where their future will take them both individually and together. I feel like TCD’s Carrie started reminding me more and more of SATC’s Carrie as the season went on, which for me, wasn’t exactly a good thing. 

I did enjoy the addition of Samantha. She’s always been my favorite SATC character and she didn’t disappoint me here. I especially loved seeing her interact with Larissa and wish we would have gotten to see a little more of it.

Just as it was in the first season, however, my favorite part of the show was Walt. I have really enjoyed watching him come to terms with who is and fall in love with Bennett. He had to come to terms with the fact that his two dreams for a future relationship were incompatible at the time along with his parent’s early rejection and it was truly the best story on the show.

As the show has transitioned more to New York, the high school plots weren’t as fleshed out as they could have been. Maggie, Mouse, and Donna got left behind a little bit. Mouse’s friendship with Donna turned out to be one of the better aspects of that part of the show. Their personalities just worked well together and it was fun to watch.

Finale Thoughts: This episode would work really well as a series finale, which I’m gonna assume was intentional. It closed the high school, Interview, and Sebastian chapters of Carrie’s life while leaving us with a glimpse of a future full of potential and friendship for her.

I’m disappointed to see Carrie and Sebastian break up, even though I agree that it’s probably necessary for their respective futures. I really loved them together.

Dorrit won the award for my favorite character in this episode. Her talk with her dad was what he needed to hear, even if it was a little uncomfortable.

I was so happy that Maggie found someone to truly care about her and give her the sense of stability that she’s felt she’s lacked.

Hopes for Season 3: Mostly, I would like season 3 to exist.

I recognize that we’ll probably be letting go of Mouse, Maggie, Donna, and probably Larissa or at least be seeing much less of them so I would like to get some great new characters to fill Carrie’s life in Manhattan.

I just want to see her journey as she finds her place as a writer in Manhattan.


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