Episode of the Week: January 26th – February 1st

This week in television, we learned what the Mother has been doing all these years on How I Met Your Mother, Kelsey got jealous and told the principal that it was Marianna who sold her the pills she had been taking on The Fosters, Stiles realized he may not be in control of his actions on Teen Wolf, Ryan brought a new girlfriend home on Suburgatory, Nathan Fillion guest starred on Community, Sherlock struggled to adjust to his role as sponsor on Elementary, we said goodbye to Ann and Chris on Parks and Recreation, Derrick organized a Homecoming surprise on Enlisted, Sean Saves the World was cancelled and Bones was renewed for a 10th season.

In a decision that will shock no one, Parks and Recreation’s “Ann and Chris” is my choice for best episode of the week. This episode was a perfect episode of Parks and Rec – full of heart and lots of callbacks for loyal fans.

Leslie and Ann’s friendship has been one of my favorite parts of this show. They very clearly adore each other and their presence in each other’s lives have made both of them better people. They changed each other with their love and support for each other. This type of friendship is so rarely seen on television and that made it even more special. Too often, we hear about how great a friendship is but we never see it and I’m so grateful that Parks and Rec consciously did not go that route.

The going-away party that Leslie threw was perfect. It was over-the-top and featured so many different holidays just so she could be sure they would get to celebrate together. Her idea to break ground on Pawnee Commons was even more perfect. It was what brought them together and started this beautiful friendship and it was only fitting that it was Ann who made it possible by putting  Kathryn Pinewood in a headlock. Leslie’s taught Ann to fight for what she wants and not to let things stand in her way.

In addition to the wonder that is Leslie and Ann’s friendship, we can’t forget the fact that their partners are also best friends who had to say goodbye. For a long time, Ben and Chris were the only constants in each other’s lives as they traveled from town to town. Despite their differences, they created an unbreakable bond. They genuinely care for each other and aren’t afraid to express that, which is also rarely seen in TV depictions of male friendships.

This episode made me cry a lot but it also made me smile and laugh. It was a tribute to the power of friendship and a fitting goodbye for these two characters. I love that the episode didn’t just feature emotional goodbyes but I also love that it didn’t run away from them either. Each goodbye was fitting for the characters involved and it had enough moments that made me laugh out loud to momentarily forget about the sadness that came at the end.


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