Episode of the Week: February 2nd-8th

This week in television, we learned about the existence of a Wall around the city that has never been mentioned on Almost Human, Beckett and Castle moved up on their wedding on Castle, Ted let go of Robin on How I Met Your Mother, Scott and Kira continued to be cute on Teen Wolf, Callie made some important realizations on The Fosters, Jess and Nick had an encounter with their exes on New Girl, Captain Holt had a birthday party on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Diane was overly competitive on Trophy Wife, Dallas and George saw each other for the first time since the breakup on Suburgatory, we learned more about Joan’s past on Elementary, and Randy continued to be the best character on Enlisted.

This was a great week for my sitcoms. They all had some hilarious moments, particularly Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Suburgatory. It was a tough choice between those two this week, but overall, I felt all of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was strong while the Victor and Fred story suffered a little on Suburgatory this week.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has consistently been one of the best new sitcoms of the season because of the way it understands and utilizes its characters. “The Party” took the characterizations we knew and put them in a different, non-job oriented context and did so with a lot of really funny moments and the sort of heart-warming moment that Mike Schur and Dan Goor excel at.

I am going to have to start by expressing my deep love for Terry Jeffords. He makes me laugh every single week and this week was no exception. From his comparison of the synchronous movements of the group to gazelles, to “stop eating crab wrong!”, to the freeze frame of him holding the chubby corgi in the bathroom, Terry Crews was at the top of his comedic abilities.

This episode was such a good showcase for the quirks of the department. Amy attempting to learn about Captain Holt by rummaging through his belongings was so perfectly her, as was her incredibly awkward attempts to engage him in conversation during the party. It was also the best use of Gina being Gina that we’ve seen yet on the show.

What I appreciated most about the episode was the ending. Jake has suddenly had great insights that have led to last-minute arrests, but he’s never been shown to be particularly in tune with his emotions or the emotions of those around him so it was refreshing that it was him who identified why Holt’s husband disliked them so much.

The ending with the birthday dinner that featured each member of the department utilizing their skills to arrange such a lovely dinner was perfect. It resonated because we have come to understand and care about these characters and it’s nice to see that they clearly care for each other too.


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