Midseason Pilot Review: Star-Crossed

Airs: Mondays on the CW at 8:00 PM EST

Timeslot Competition: The Bachelor/Dancing with the Stars (ABC), How I Met Your Mother/Two Broke Girls/Friends with Better Lives (CBS), Almost Human/Bones (FOX), The Voice (NBC)

Premise: After landing on Earth 10 years prior, a group of 7 Atrian students are integrated into a human high school and a human and an Atrian fall in love and remember a past connection.

Pre-show Thoughts: I didn’t expect much from this show. I don’t love the way that the CW puts out previews for the episode instead of a trailer because the scenes they pick never manage to intrigue me. It didn’t catch my interest, especially the way the “first glance” scene in the hallway is played. Love at first sight isn’t my favorite trope and it didn’t make me excited for the show at all.

Post-show Thoughts: I was pleasantly surprised by this show! I found it intriguing from the beginning with the younger Emery helping Roman. I’m not 100% sold on the romantic aspect yet and I’m actually happy about that. I’m more interested in Atrian culture and even more interested in Emery and Julia’s friendship.

I am really looking forward to seeing more of this show and I especially hope to see more of the friendship between Emery and Julia now that she seems to be healed. I am always looking for positive portrayals of female friendships on TV and this one seems like it will fit that description.


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