Introducing TVexamined’s Month of Love

Over the past couple months, I have seen a lot of negativity on the internet and it seems like it’s been unusually mean-spirited. So to counter all of that, I will be starting a new feature for the month of July. Every weekday, I am going to write about TV-related things that I love and talk about what it is that makes these things mean so much to me and I want to hear about the things you love as well. Rather than spending our energy focused on why the things we dislike are bad, I want to spend a month celebrating all the good that TV has brought into our lives. I look forward to sharing some of my TV loves with you and can’t wait to hear yours as well.


4 thoughts on “Introducing TVexamined’s Month of Love

  1. I’ll get the ball rolling early by saying that I love this idea, and I love you. This is such a great thing to do, especially with all of the negativity I think we’ve all been witnessing in our various corners of the Internet. You know I’m always a fan of putting some much-needed positivity into the world and focusing on the things we love, so I can’t wait to come here every day and enjoy the happiness and love.

    1. I love you too! There are few things I enjoy more than hearing people talk about things they really love and I hope that this month can be a great time to do that in a collected space.

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