Episode of the Week: 10/5-10/11

This week on TV, Jake and Terry bonded over Terry’s vasectomy, Bob’s Burgers created a musical theater mashup of the movies Die Hard and Working Girl, the lawyers of Florrick Agos went through Christian arbitration with a client on The Good Wife, Emma and Elsa bonded on Once Upon a Time, Castle got more questions than answers about his disappearance on Castle, Ichabod and Abbie met a potential new ally on Sleepy Hollow, Casey and Dawson put off their wedding on Chicago Fire, Selfie improved over its pilot episode, The Mindy Project made uncomfortable more than it made me laugh, we were introduced to Barry Allen and his alter ego on The Flash, Dre realized that his son did have a culture of his own, even if it wasn’t the one he expected on Black-ish, I disliked Luke more than usual on Nashville, Fitz finally learned Abby’s name on Scandal, Wes convinced Annalise to take Rebecca’s case on How to Get Away with Murder, Zeke had heart surgery on Parenthood and Cristela reviewed with a lot of potential.

There was a lot to love on TV this week. Terry high on pain medication made me laugh a lot on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Wife continued it’s streak of amazing episodes, Emma and Elsa bonding was everything I could want on Once Upon a Time, and I had a lot of feelings about Beckett and her choice to trust Castle. Ultimately though, it was a new show that impressed me the most.

The pilot of The Flash was the most fun hour of TV I watched all week. It had plenty of serious moments and troubles for Barry and the rest of the cast but at it’s core, it’s about a geeky guy who woke up with super powers and now wants to save to save the world because he has a good heart. His mother’s murder and father’s false imprisonment is part of his past but they are not his defining characteristics. Even as a young kid before the tragedy in his life, he wanted to help people and would stand up to others against bullies. So when he finds out that there are people like him with powers that they are using to do bad things, he knows he needs to fight them.

It’s a lighter superhero show than DC Comics’ other offerings (Gotham and Arrow) and that’s a good thing. Sometimes I just want a show about good people doing good things for others. Barry will surely fail at times, both as himself and as The Flash. Mistakes will be made and bad guys will get away or he’ll hurt someone he cares about. He’ll struggle to learn that even as a metahuman, he still struggles with normal human flaws and problems. But he will continue to fight and protect Central City from those who would terrorize it. He’ll be the guy at the end of the pilot who tells his imprisoned father how proud he is to be his son. The guy who could believe in the impossible long before he became the impossible. He’ll be a guy we’d want to root for, even if he wasn’t a superhero.

I am excited to see what this season brings. It’s going to be an hour of TV that I think I will greatly enjoy watching each week and that will make me happy.

What episode would you choose as your Episode of the Week?


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