TV Thoughts: 1/25-1/31

This week saw the ending of one show and the return of many more. The craziness that comes with spring TV watching has officially begun and I am already behind on things. As we head in a month that historically brings with it lots of good television (thank you, sweeps), here are my thoughts on the TV that I did manage to watch this week.


  • Galavant: What a fun and enjoyable month this was with Galavant. I loved the songs, I loved the characters, and I just had a blast watching it each week. I am a bit disappointed that it ended on a cliffhanger since I’m not hugely hopeful for a season 2 and now I’ll be disappointed to not get one and miss out on Galavant and King Richard adventures. Also, if we do get a season two, I need more flashbacks to Galavant’s dad for no other reason than my desire to listen to Anthony Head sing all the time.


  • Jane the Virgin: I like how willing Jane is to stand up for what she wants from her romantic life. Even if other people don’t understand it, Rafael is the person she has chosen to be with and she’s made it very clear that everyone is going to have to respect that. I understand Xo’s concerns and of course you can’t completely ignore the opinions of those around you, but Jane is the only one who can truly answer what is right for her at this time in her life and it was a nice change from the love triangle that could have happened.
  • Sleepy Hollow: I’m still not really sure how this show managed to so completely lose what I loved about it, but this episode gave me a little bit of hope that things may be back on the right track, or at least an adjacent track. I’m disappointed that the show wants to decrease the serialization but if the writers can’t handle that well, then I’m ok with stand-alone episodes. What I do care most about is losing the characters and dynamics I grew to love in season one. I want more Abbie and Jenny and unstoppable partners Abbie and Ichabod. I would even take Abbie and Katrina teaming up and working together instead of them ending up seemingly on opposing teams because Ichabod doesn’t know how to deal with them together. Hopefully the conversation about Abbie and Ichabod in this week’s episode leads to the return of their teamwork and the dynamic we all fell in love with. I will however remain sceptical until I see it, it’s not the first time this conversation has happened this season only for Abbie to be sidelined again.


  • Parks and Recreation: I was not expecting the Newport land plot to be wrapped up so quickly! I hope it means we get to see Leslie build her park for the last few episodes of the season. I love that Leslie and Ron are a team again and I loved their inability to be on the same page about high-fiving and shaking hands. I also really liked the return of “Treat Yo Self” days and I had the biggest smile on my face when Tom surprised Donna. This has been an amazing final season. We are getting to revisit so many things and people from earlier seasons who have helped make the show great and it is the perfect way to say goodbye.
  • The Flash: I admit that I’m slightly unexcited about the prospect of more Hartley. I get that he’s supposed to be a jerk but I found him irritating in every scene that he was in that didn’t involve Wells. There is clearly more backstory there than we currently have and I’d like to see that mined a little more. In what is the completely opposite of news at this point, Joe West continues to be the best in every aspect. I love seeing him with Barry and their relationship is still the highlight of the show for me. I’m looking forward to seeing what his investigation of Wells turns up and how that will affect Barry.


  • The Americans: I’m so happy this show is back. Keri Russell did a phenomenal job this episode and we got to see so much range in her performance. She got to be physically and mentally tough as well as emotionally vulnerable as a wife, mother, and daughter and excelled at them all. Not that I want Elizabeth and Philip to spend the season disagreeing with each other about Paige, but I can’t wait to see where this story leads. Neither are wrong and both want what they think is best for Paige and their individual relationships with her and they both feel incredibly strongly about their positions. Elizabeth is right, this is the closest she and Paige have ever been and if they could recruit Paige, I know she sees the potential for further closeness. Philip on the other hand continues to struggle with his role more than ever especially as the things he is doing for the cause get more muddled and with this emotional divide between he and Elizabeth, seems to be making worse decisions. I know we’re in for a great season and I’m excited to see it unfold.

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