Upfronts 2015: NBC

Welcome to upfronts week 2015! By now, nearly all currently airing scripted shows have been either renewed or canceled and all that’s left is for the networks to show off their new offerings and release their fall scheduling. As always, NBC starts the week and it will conclude on Thursday with The CW. Below you’ll find a summary of the renewals and cancellations along with my analysis of the season on the network, a listing of new fall shows with their trailers and my initial reactions to them, and a list of new shows that will be held for midseason or summer if the schedule fills up. It’s a fun week to be a TV fan and I hope among these new offerings, we all find a new show to fall in love with.

Current Shows

Renewed: The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Grimm, Law and Order: SVU, The Mysteries of Laura, The Night Shift, Undateable

Canceled: A to Z, Allegiance, Bad Judge

Awaiting News: A.D. American Odessey

Ended: Parks and Recreation, Parenthood

Analysis: After a couple years of improved performance with new shows, this was not a good year for NBC. Only one new show was granted a renewal (The Mysteries of Laura) and ratings for that are already nothing impressive. However, once again, NBC had ordered plenty of new shows for next season in the hopes that something sticks. Their Dick Wolf franchise of Chicago Fire/P.D. and SVU continue to be stable performers for the network, with crossovers that typically saw an increase of viewers across shows. The Backlist is down in the ratings after its move to Thursday but it still improves on the numbers for that night, giving the network some much needed stabilization on that night.

New Fall Shows



If this wasn’t a Greg Berlanti show, I would have my doubts. Like so many shows in recent years, it seems like a better fit for a movie or maybe even a mini-series. As a sustainable show for a broadcast network, I’m not entirely convinced it will work but the trailer looks interesting enough that I’ll probably be checking out the first episode or at the very least, looking forward to hearing first reactions from critics.


I don’t know what to think about this show. On the one hand, I’m a sucker for medical dramas and enjoy watching them. On the other, for reasons that have nothing to do with her skill, I have a hard time watching Melissa George in things. Apparently the Alias fan in me will forever see her as Lauren and immediately distrust any character she plays, which is probably going to be a problem with her as the lead. On the other hand, I’ve gotten over similarly strong associations before, so maybe this will be the show that does it for me. It’s a little heavy on the Grey’s Anatomy vibe but I hope that in time, it will be able to carve out its own identity.

The PlayerTrailer

This one is not catching my interest at all. There are some slight shades of Person of Interest baked into the premise but with a focus on action rather than the sci-fi aspects of this sort of technology. However, despite my lack of interest, I think it will pair well with The Blacklist and maybe those two shows can give NBC slightly improved ratings on Thursdays this fall.

Heroes Reborn

There isn’t a proper trailer for this show yet, but I’ve tentatively been in since this project was announced. Despite everything, I have a lot of love for the original show and with Jack Coleman back, it’s worth at least a couple episodes of my time. I also really like Zachary Levi and Robbie Kay and it’ll be nice to see them in another show.


People Are TalkingTrailer

Comedy trailers are admittedly hard to judge but this one looks a little rough. Once everyone settles into their characters, it could get better, but everything feels so forced right now. I’m skeptical when the best material they could use for this trailer focuses on the idea that their hot babysitter is also a porn star and it makes me suspect this won’t be a show for me. I did appreciate the wives were unbothered and not at all jealous of having an attractive babysitter without the concerns that she’d try to steal their husbands away. I’m less impressed that the lack of jealousy was out of disbelief that their husbands would have any success with the babysitter rather than just trusting them, but I guess we can’t have it all in network comedy yet.

Currently Unscheduled New Shows

Dramas: Chicago Med, Game of Silence, Shades of Blue

Comedies: Coach, Crowded, Hot & Bothered, Superstore, You, Me and the End of the World

What are your thoughts on NBC’s renewals and cancellations? Are there any of the new shows that get your attention?


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