New Fall Shows 2015: What Are You Watching?

It’s getting closer to a new season of television! It’s always an exciting time of year to discover new shows and fall back in love with some old ones too. We’re still nearly two months out, so if you need something to fill your time, check out my most recent batch of show recommendations. If you’re looking to plan your viewing schedule, I recommend TVLine’s day-by-day grid or something like EpisodeCalendar or TraktTV. If all you want to know is the premiere dates of the new network shows, then this is the post for you. I’ve listed all of the new shows below with links to the trailer and a description if you haven’t had the time to check them out yet. This post will be stickied until we get midseason/spring premiere dates and will be updated with links to pilot episodes and reviews from me as they become available. Happy planning!

September 21st
Life in Pieces (CBS) Trailer/Description/Review
Minority Report (FOX) Trailer/Description
Blindspot (NBC) Trailer/Description/Review

Septemper 22nd
Scream Queens (FOX) Trailer/Description
The Muppets (ABC) Trailer/Description/Review
Limitless (CBS) Trailer/Description

September 23rd
Rosewood (FOX) Trailer/Description

September 24th
Heroes Reborn (NBC) Trailer/Description/Review
The Player (NBC) Trailer/Description

September 27th
Blood & Oil (ABC) Trailer/Description
Quantico (ABC) Trailer/Description

September 29th
Grandfathered (FOX) Trailer/Description
The Grinder (FOX) Trailer/Description

September 30th
Code Black (CBS) Trailer/Description

October 2nd
Dr. Ken (ABC) Trailer/Description

October 12th
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW) Trailer/Description

October 16th
Truth be Told (NBC) Trailer/Description

October 26th
Supergirl (CBS) Trailer/Description

October 27th
Wicked City (ABC) Trailer/Description

November 5th 
Angel from Hell (CBS) Trailer/Description

November 10th
Chicago Med (NBC) Trailer/Description

At the moment, I’m planning on trying Life in Pieces, Blindspot, The Muppets, Heroes Reborn, Quantico, Grandfathered, The Grinder, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Supergirl, Angel from Hell, and Chiacgo Med. As always, that is subject to change if one of the other shows is getting lots of enthusiasm from critics or a friend.

What stands out to you this year?


3 thoughts on “New Fall Shows 2015: What Are You Watching?

  1. I finally made it through all of these! And as usual, there are more shows that look interesting to me than I probably have time to watch, so we will see how this all works out. I am currently planning on trying out Minority Report, Blindspot, The Muppets, Limitless, Rosewood, Quantico, and Supergirl. Mostly procedural-type shows, I am so predictable ;p

    I think that I’m putting Grandfathered and The Grinder on my “I will try this out if my friends like it” list, because there were parts of those trailers that I enjoyed even while there were parts that made me cringe. And of course if any friends rave about one of the new shows I will probably try it out even if I wasn’t originally intrigued, because I know promos aren’t always the best gauge of what a show is actually like once it gets a couple episodes in.

    I think I’m most excited for Supergirl and Quantico because they look like they have fabulous female leads along with some great stories.

    1. Oh good, you and Nikki can give me your thoughts on the things that aren’t on my list 😉

      I’m really excited about Quantico, I’ve heard some pretty good things from critics. Not that i need another Sunday night show but oh well.

      1. That’s the best part of us watching a few different shows! 😉 I’m going to be relying on you all to tell me which comedies are worth checking out because I have so much trouble with comedies not triggering too much secondhand embarrassment or squick factor.

        I haven’t heard anything about Quantico but the trailer looked great, it reminded me of a few movies a little bit in the exciting conspiracy and on-the-run action, and I’m also super excited for the amount of diversity there appears to be in that show.

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