Fall 2015 Pilot Reviews: Blindspot

Show: Blindspot

When it Airs: Mondays on NBC at 10:00 EST

Do I Want to Watch More? I don’t know.

I came away from the pilot with the worst possible answer to my question. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the episode. It introduced a lot of characters and the premise of the show. You can see how a case-of-the-week can be built out of the tattoos with tiny glimpses to move the mythology forward. Characters would continue to be better developed and a rhythm between them would be found. As far as pilots go, it actually works pretty well.

I liked Jaimie Alexander’s performance quite a bit. There were moments when I felt very interested in Jane Doe’s story. Not who she was and how she got to be in the position of being covered in tattoos and left in Time Square but who she would be moving forward from this incident. I enjoyed the scene with Dr. Borden where he helps her figure out if she prefers coffee or tea. I like the concept of her getting to choose who she is and rediscover herself, whether she finds the version that was erased or a whole new interior identity. That story, I like a lot. And if you throw in some crime-solving, that’s fine with me. I don’t have a problem with a procedural populated with interesting characters, which I assume they will all become.

What I’m not interested in, unfortunately, seems to be the whole point of the show. I don’t care why Jane was put in a position where erasing her memory and being covered in tattoos that may help solve crimes or who the shadowy lurking man is who facilitated the process. That part failed to engage me at all and I like a good conspiracy theory. It’s still early and maybe it’s too soon to really tell if I will like where the story is going or not, but I remain unexcited about it.

I can overlook plots that I don’t like if there are characters who I care about. I didn’t connect with a lot of the post for the last three seasons of LOST and I cried a lot during that finale. So I can give this one another shot. I’m relatively light on Monday shows until Jane the Virgin comes back and will probably try out episode two in the hopes that it will clarify where the show may be headed in the future and possibly get me interested in the larger story.


3 thoughts on “Fall 2015 Pilot Reviews: Blindspot

  1. Overall I liked Blindspot, but mostly I liked Jane.

    While I found the plot intriguing to a certain extent, I felt the pilot was a little action-heavy – which I assume was done to try to hook in new viewers – and a little low on establishing characters other than Jane. We know little more than the names of the other characters, most of whom didn’t seem to have a strong personality or any backstory. Even Kurt as the male lead wasn’t fleshed out to the audience much, as we know nothing about his life outside of his job at the FBI. In contrast with another new show Limitless, which managed to provide an action-packed plot as well as some good depth to its two main leads, Blindspot did not do as well.

    However, I’m interested enough in Jane to look past all the other characters for now. I too loved the scene with Dr. Borden when he helped Jane discover if she liked tea or coffee, and I found myself hoping for him to pop up again while I was watching. I hope they include more of these types of scenes going forward (and more of Dr. Borden), because one of the most interesting things about this show for me is Jane’s journey in rediscovering herself and taking back control of her life by choosing what path she wants to take now. While I’m interested in Jane’s past and how she got to the moment of being discovered in Times Square, especially since it was revealed that she went into the amnesia knowingly, I am more interested in how Jane deals with her amnesia and her past as this new Jane, and the concepts the show can explore of identity and agency.

    As I said on your Muppets post, I am giving all of the new shows at least two or three weeks, but even if I wasn’t I think I would be giving Blindspot a few more episodes to see where it’s going. I hope to see a tiny bit less action and a little more character development in the next few episodes, especially more of Jane discovering her tastes as she tries to deal with what’s happening to her.

    1. I love how much everyone seems to like Jane, even if they aren’t sold on the rest of the show. Jaimie Alexander didn’t have a lot of opportunity to be something other than a blank slate or kicking ass at something but the moments of vulnerability she showed were fantastic.

      This show has until Jane the Virgin comes back to hook me since my Mondays get way busier after that so I’ll keep watching in the hopes that we get some characterization of everyone else, because like you said, there was really none.

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