Best of 2015: Top 5 Shows I Didn’t Get To See

No matter how much time you have, it’s never enough to actually watch all the shows you want to see. So before I start rolling out my lists of the things on television that I saw and loved next week, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the handful of shows that I didn’t get to try this year that I wish I had.

The Leftovers I tried this show last year and it wasn’t working for me. I couldn’t get into the feel of it all and frankly, I didn’t want another depressing TV show to watch. But then critics’ reviews for s2 started coming out and even people who didn’t like the first season were extolling it’s greatness. What was most striking to me were the ways in which it was being praised. I was hearing more about the feeling of the show than its technical achievements. It still may fail to resonate with me but I value emotion and sincerity in my TV and if that’s what The Leftovers is offering this season, I’ll give it another chance.

Bojack Horseman Bob’s Burgers has opened my eyes to the potential joys of animated shows when I had previously dismissed them. As with The Leftovers, it’s the discussions about the emotional content of Bojack Horseman that makes me want to start it immediately. This show makes people feel and that’s truly all I ask of any of my shows. I also hear that Diane is a pretty great character and I will take all the complex female characters TV wants to give me.

Manhattan One of the first books I read this year was “The Wives of Los Alamos” and since then I’ve been interested in trying out this show and learning more about a place and time I know embarrassingly little about. Even more than the historical knowledge, I want to see a small-screen depiction of the emotions “The Wives of Los Alamos” presented to me. I want an idea of what it felt like to live in Los Alamos at that moment in history and how all those involved reacted to their mission and the results.

Mr. Robot It felt like everybody was talking about this show when it came out and I want to understand why! I’m still not entirely sure that the premise of the show is one that really interests me but I like trying to understand why people are excited about a show almost as much as I like getting excited about one myself. I’m also really looking forward to seeing Carly Chaikin in a role that is very different than her character on Suburgatory.

Better Call Saul I was never a huge Breaking Bad fan but I did like what Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks did with their respective characters of Saul and Mike. Truthfully, this isn’t a show that I expect to really love but I am interested enough in these characters and Vince Gilligan’s abilities to at least try it out.

Have you seen any of these shows? If you have, would you recommend them? If not, what shows were on your to-watch list this year that you never found the time to watch?


5 thoughts on “Best of 2015: Top 5 Shows I Didn’t Get To See

  1. The Leftovers and Mr. Robot are two that I definitely heard about a lot this year, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to trying them out or not but they do seem interesting.

    I have way too many shows on my to-watch list and always wish I could somehow pause time to let me binge a bunch of them at once, but I am especially sad that I didn’t manage to get around to watching The Americans, The Fosters, The Fall, or Sense8. All of those shows are ones I really think I could love, and hopefully I’ll get to them in 2016.

    1. Oh, and Outlander! I really wish I’d had time to add that to my TV schedule this year because it looks great. Maybe I can manage to watch S1 before S2 starts, maybe lol.

    2. SO MANY GOOD SHOWS FOR NEXT YEAR. I really think you will love them all as well so I can’t wait for you to get time to start watching some of them. We need extra hours in the day or maybe clones so they can do all of the things we have to do and the real versions of us can just watch TV and talk about it with each other 😉

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