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Finale Review: The Carrie Diaries

Renewal Status: Unknown, but renewal is unlikely

Season Thoughts: I haven’t enjoyed this season quite as much as season 1, but it’s still one that I really enjoy watching. I haven’t loved the various ways that the writers tried to add tension between Carrie and Sebastian in the early part of the season when they are at their best when they are happy and exploring where their future will take them both individually and together. I feel like TCD’s Carrie started reminding me more and more of SATC’s Carrie as the season went on, which for me, wasn’t exactly a good thing. 

I did enjoy the addition of Samantha. She’s always been my favorite SATC character and she didn’t disappoint me here. I especially loved seeing her interact with Larissa and wish we would have gotten to see a little more of it.

Just as it was in the first season, however, my favorite part of the show was Walt. I have really enjoyed watching him come to terms with who is and fall in love with Bennett. He had to come to terms with the fact that his two dreams for a future relationship were incompatible at the time along with his parent’s early rejection and it was truly the best story on the show.

As the show has transitioned more to New York, the high school plots weren’t as fleshed out as they could have been. Maggie, Mouse, and Donna got left behind a little bit. Mouse’s friendship with Donna turned out to be one of the better aspects of that part of the show. Their personalities just worked well together and it was fun to watch.

Finale Thoughts: This episode would work really well as a series finale, which I’m gonna assume was intentional. It closed the high school, Interview, and Sebastian chapters of Carrie’s life while leaving us with a glimpse of a future full of potential and friendship for her.

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Season Finale Review: Sleepy Hollow

Renewal Status: Renewed

Season Thoughts: I love this show. I love the blend of prophecy and history and the world they have created. I love Orlando Jones and his enthusiasm over the show and being a fan. I love the adorable press pictures that Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie have taken. More than anything else, I love the characters and their relationships. Ichabod and Abbie’s relationship has been at the forefront of the season and it has been a joy to see how quickly their bond cemented and to watch it grow even deeper. I’ve loved seeing Abbie and Jenny reconnecting after all these years and all the secrets and hurt between them. I never grew quite as fond of the relationship between Ichabod and Katrina but learning about their past helped a little with that.

Over the course of the season, this show has made me both laugh and cry while keeping me entertained. I can’t ask for much more than that.

Finale Thoughts: This show. That was one of the more ridiculously gripping endings to a season that I’ve seen in a while. I did not see either of the twists with the Second Horseman coming at all.

This episode reaffirmed why Abbie Mills is one of my favorite characters on TV right now. Moloch has taken so much from her – he took her sister, he took her mentor, and now he’s taken her away from her sister and partner again. Yet she keeps fighting. Nicole Beharie did such a fantastic job in this episode. You could see her trying to fight off the worry that she’d be left alone again by Ichabod saving Katrina and it made my heart ache. But when she thought that they needed Katrina to prevent the Second Horseman from rising, she didn’t hesitate to sacrifice herself. She realized that she’s not alone any more and because of that, she was ready to take on Moloch. She trusted in Jenny and in Ichabod’s connection with her and even in Katrina’s promise.

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Finale Review: Masters of Sex

Episode Title: Manhigh

Renewal Status: Renewed for season 2

Pre-finale Thoughts: It’s not a secret that Masters of Sex has been one of my favorite shows of 2013. I love the subject matter and even more than that, I’ve come to love so many of the characters. They are all brilliantly acted and written and every single one of them deserves recognition. I may not always like them (especially Bill, who is difficult to love) but I believe them and that’s what I have been most thrilled with. I don’t like Ethan – I started warming up to him when he was with Vivian and then lost that all again in the last episode – but I think he’s an interesting character. 

I also love the variety of women portrayed on the show. Libby is very different from Virginia but also very different from Dr. DePaul and all are portrayed sympathetically and given complexity. Betty was written as a very likable character, which has not always been the case for sex workers on TV. For a show that I expected to predominately be about Bill Masters, it’s really been the female characters that make me love it as much as I do. 

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Finale Review: Chicago Fire

Episode Title: A Hell of a Ride

Renewal Status: Renewed for season two

Pre-finale Thoughts: Chicago Fire is one of my favorite new shows of the year. It’s really a show about the characters and the family they have created together. Yes, they fight fires and do the other occupational things that firefighters do, but that’s not the point of the show. The relationships between the characters are what makes this show worth watching. Leslie Shay and Kelly Severide have my favorite male-female friendship on TV right now and Shay and Dawson’s friendship is another great female friendship. When something goes wrong, the house bands together and it always brings me to tears.

I highly recommend this show to anyone who enjoys chosen families and engaging characters. It’s been a great first season and I was looking forward to seeing what the finale had in store.

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Finale Review: Modern Family

Episode Title: The Bon Voyage Reaction

Renewal Status: Renewed for season five

Pre-finale Thoughts: Modern Family is the type of show that I watch every week and then never think about the episode again. I always enjoy it when it’s on, it’s just not one of my favorites. This season was no exception to that. I’m reasonably happy with everything that’s going on. To be more precise, I’m not upset about anything, although Manny is starting to wear on me a bit. It’s just a pleasant show to watch for 30 minutes. 

Finale Thoughts: This was a good episode. It didn’t set up much for next season nor where there a lot of issues to resolve in this season but it still felt like a finale. Alex’s speech at the funeral and everyone’s reactions were really sweet. It was a fun episode that still managed to be touching, which is what Modern Family excels at.  

Hopes for Season Five: I would like more of whatever this show does that makes me enjoy it so much while it’s on. 

Finale Review: Elementary

Episode Title: The Woman/Heroine

Renewal Status: Renewed for season two

Pre-finale Thoughts: I have really enjoyed the first season of this show although it has absolutely nothing to do with the cases, even the Moriarty arc. I watch this show for the interactions between Sherlock and Joan. It was apparently a season for strong male-female friendships and their’s is one of the best. Their relationship has grown and evolved from the first episode in a way that feels completely natural. They have both helped the other grow as individuals and as such, it has made their relationship stronger. I love that there isn’t even a hint of romantic tension between them because that’s not what they need from each other. 

That being said, I do enjoy when procedural shows use season-long story arcs so I was happy to see one emerge this season with Moriarty. They have been some of the strongest episodes of the season and it has also provided a lot of insight into Sherlock as a character. 

The twist at the end of the penultimate episode made me really excited for the finale. I wanted to see how the reveal that Irene was actually alive would affect Sherlock and what that meant for Moriarty.

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Finale Review: The Big Bang Theory

Episode Title: The Bon Voyage Reaction

Renewal Status: Renewed for season seven

Pre-finale Thoughts: This season has been hit or miss for me. I wasn’t at all happy with where Sheldon’s character seemed to be going at the beginning of the season but I’ve been much happier since the show returned from it’s winter hiatus.

I feel like the show has actually lost a little of its nerdiness as it has become more popular because we are focusing more on the characters and their lives rather than their work. I don’t necessarily mind, it’s just a shift for the show. 

Because it is such a character driven show, there wasn’t a lot I really wanted to wrap up in the finale. I just wanted to see how it set things up for next season. 

Finale Thoughts: I liked this episode. I am so incredibly happy with Penny and Leonard’s relationship right now. They handled the separation like adults and Penny supported Leonard because as she pointed out to Sheldon, that’s what girlfriend’s do. They have come a really long way from Leonard lusting over the pretty blonde girl across the hall and have grown into a real relationship. 

I think getting rid of Raj’s inability to talk to girls without the use of alcohol could mean interesting things for next season. He obviously wants to find the love and companionship that the rest of the group has and I would like for him to find it. From a casting perspective, I want them to be really careful because the current group has such a good dynamic, but it would be a good step forward for Raj’s character. I want him to either find someone or accept the fact that he’s currently single and be happy with that. 

Hopes for Season Seven: I’d like to continue the positive character growth that we got to see this season. They’ve all matured so much since season one and I would like that progression to continue.

Finale Review: New Girl

Episode Title: Elaine’s Big Day

Renewal Status: Renewed for season three

Pre-finale Thoughts: Over the past season, this show has become my second favorite comedy on air. It shares one major thing in common with my favorite show – the positive tone. New Girl is about a group of friends who enjoy each other’s company and do things like buy each other the occasional cookie because that’s what friends do. The characters all have their problems and they screw up but they are still shown as being lovable people. 

I have also been really impressed with the way they have handled Jess and Nick’s relationship so far. From their first kiss during Young Americans to their post-sex visit and talk with Nick’s dad, everything has felt very natural and organic. I don’t feel like things are being forced between them. They have just evolved from their friendship and I like that. That is how to properly get a couple together on a show.

Finale Thoughts: I think New Girl had the most enjoyable finale of the season so far. It was funny and sweet at the same time. It resolved some plot points, while opening up new possibilities for next season. It was what a finale should be. 

He doesn’t get enough love, so I’m gonna start with Winston’s story. I love his enthusiasm and ineptitude for pranking. Who else would think it was a good idea to drop an angry badger on a priest’s head to disrupt a wedding? Mostly though, what I loved the most was when he told Nick that there were other moves, that he didn’t have to be his dad. Winston may be a bad pranker, but he is a good friend. 

I fully expected CeCe to call off the wedding for Schmidt, so that didn’t surprise me at all. I do like that Schmidt wasn’t just waiting for her to realize that she still loved him. I think he genuinely cares about Elizabeth and has been enjoying the rekindling of their relationship. I think he’ll ultimately choose CeCe but I hope Elizabeth can stick around somehow because I really like her. She is so confident in herself and such a good influence on Schmidt. 

I was ready to be done with television after Nick and Jess called off the relationship. I had had enough of potential breakups or large relationship-altering events for one finale season. The end completely made up for it though. Jess does have concerns (and Nick shares those concerns) but they want to make it work anyway. They are choosing to be together now, even if it doesn’t work out. I really love that. 

Hopes for Season Nine: I hope that this show keeps up the great work it has done with Jess and Nick next season. It has been so good and I would hate for that to go away.

I’d like more Winston. He’s been underutilized and I want to see more of him.  

Finale Review: How I Met Your Mother

Episode Title: Something New

Renewal Status: Renewed for a (final) season nine

Pre-finale Thoughts: I haven’t really enjoyed this season. There have definitely been episodes that I’ve liked, but as a whole, this season fell flat to me. At this point, the show is just dragging on and I think we are all ready to meet the mother and wrap the show up. It’s been eight years, it’s time to get to the story the audience really wants to hear.

Finale Thoughts: Like I was with the majority of the season, I was underwhelmed by the finale. My biggest complaint is that the stakes weren’t high. Ted isn’t moving to Chicago and Robin isn’t the one for him. Marshall will take that judgeship because if not, we’d effectively be saying goodbye to Marshall and Lily or committing to a time jump of a year and a week. It feels like the episode was just like the season, killing time until we finally met The Mother.

Thankfully, we did actually manage to see the woman Ted will end up marrying in the last shot of the episode, with her trademark yellow umbrella. I don’t know how exactly she’ll meet Ted, but we have seen her at least.

Hopes for Season Nine: My biggest hope is that the final season will be a lot better than this one has been. I want to leave the show after enjoying it, not after wishing it had ended earlier. I’ve waited through 8 seasons to met The Mother and I don’t want to be disappointed now that we will.   

Finale Review: Castle

Episode Title: Watershed

Renewal Status: Renewed for season six

Pre-finale Thoughts: This has been one of the most enjoyable seasons of Castle for me. While there have been some misses, this season has also had some particularly incredible episodes. I have been really happy with that they have done with Castle and Beckett’s relationship this season (with the exception of the events in The Squab and the Quail) and I feel hopeful that I will continue to be happy with the choices made for them. I liked that both Ryan and Esposito got an episode this season that allowed us to learn a little more about their past and I like the way Gates has started to become more of a part of the team.

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