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A Celebration of Friendships

So far this month, I have celebrated individual characters and touched a little bit on other types of relationships but I haven’t had much to say about friendships on TV yet. I love seeing all the different ways that friendships are portrayed on TV. I love them in all their forms and amount of emphasis on any given show. Some of the ones I’ve chosen to highlight today can also easily be construed as romantic but as they are non-canon and I am of the strong opinion that the best romances grow out of friendships, I’m including them in the friendship category. In (mostly) no particular order, here are 10 of my favorite friendships on TV, past and present.

Leslie and Ann (Parks and Recreation) It will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever spoken to me that this is my favorite friendship on TV. The bond and love that these two share is so special and genuine. Ann grounds Leslie. She acts as an anchor in times of crisis and shares in her joy in times of happiness. She gives her balance and an outlet for all of her passion and excitement for everything. Leslie believes in Ann. While Leslie is very good at knowing who she is and what she wants, it’s something Ann has been working on since the show began. By the sixth season, she had figured out something to make her happy and then pursued that idea to completion despite negative opinions and setbacks, just like Leslie would have. Like any true friendship, they are there for each other in the big moments (like having a baby or buying a house) and the small (sharing opinions about Jennifer Aniston). They may not be alike but they complement each other and help each other be their best self. Above all, they love each other and know the other one is always just a phone call or text away.

Esposito and Ryan (Castle) There are a lot of really great friendships on Castle but the one between Esposito and Ryan may be my favorite. Once again, these two are very different but there is a loyalty and love between them that can’t be beat. Their friendship got a brilliant showcase in season 6’s “Under Fire” as they tried to encourage each other not to lose hope as they were trapped. The small moments of friendship we get between them are often funny but have an underpinning of trust and respect that you can tell goes back a long way. These two are partners and always will be.

Severide and Shay (Chicago Fire) Like Castle, Chicago Fire has a lot of great friendships. The friendship between Severide and Shay has been one of the most constant throughout the first two seasons and one of the most endearing. Like most of my favorite friendships, this one is built on trust and loyalty. These two would do anything for each other and they both know it. They may disagree on the other’s choices at times but the rift never stays for long. It’s clear that they have each other’s best interest at heart and want them to be happy and safe. I would have loved for them to be able to start that family together, but maybe it’ll happen sometime in the future. Assuming that they both survive the events of the s2 finale, that is.

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Episode of the Week: October 20-October 26

There were three episodes that really stood out to me this week. There has been a lot of press about how fantastic The Good Wife has been this season and they aren’t wrong. This week’s episode focused mostly on Diane and Christine Baranski was just incredible. The ending moment with her walking into Will’s office to tell him about the 4th years leaving has made me excited for tonight’s episode all week.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine had it’s best episode since the pilot, in my opinion. I really love Andre Braugher as Captain Holt. His interactions with Jake work so well and their opposing personalities made this a fun episode to watch. I love the way that everyone worked together and how well orchestrated Jake’s plan actually was. This cast shines as an ensemble and I like when we get to see that.

The winner for the week however, was Bones, which gave us a moment that many of us have been waiting for for 9 seasons – Booth and Brennan’s wedding. It took an excruciatingly long time for them to end up in a committed relationship, not even Grissom and Sara took so long on CSI (and then they ruined that, but that’s a rant for another time). They didn’t end up with the wedding they planned, but the wedding they got was so much better. The Jeffersonian brought them together and so there could be no more perfect spot for them to get married. Like Booth said, they finally caught each other.

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Finale Review: Bones

Episode Title: The Secret in the Siege

Renewal Status: Renewed for season nine

Pre-finale Thoughts: I’ve loved this season. I think the Pelant arc has been delightfully creepy and spaced out enough that it doesn’t become overwhelmingly depressing and sad for the characters. I would have liked a little more follow-up on how Hodgins is adjusting to the significant decrease in money, but it’s not an essential part of his character.

I think the characters this season have been really entertaining to watch. After 8 seasons, I’m pretty attached to all of them so any sort of character moment thrills me and this season was full of them. I love the way Sweets became a part of Booth and Brennan’s family while he was living with them and I hope to see more of their friendship in the future. I love Hodgins’ relationship with all of the interns, although I would like a little more of the friendship between him and Wendell that I remember liking so much in previous seasons. I like the way the interns have given us more insight into Cam through her relationship with her daughter (and therefore Finn) and her romantic relationship with Arastoo.

I think this season has had two outstanding episodes this season not related to the Pelant arc. “The Patriot in Purgatory” and last week’s “The Pathos in the Pathogens” were extremely well done. Arastoo’s speech in “The Patriot in Purgatory” was one of the stand-out moments of this television season for me.

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Episode of the Week: April 21 – April 27

Show: Bones

Episode Title: The Pathos in the Pathogens

This week in television, Peter wanted Alicia to renew their vows on The Good Wife, Belle was turned into Lacey on Once Upon a Time, Beckett started to wonder where her and Castle’s relationship was going on Castle, Emma killed Jacob on The Following, Sheldon joined the ranks of people angry at SyFy for canceling their favorite shows on The Big Bang Theory, Leslie and Ron once again butted heads then shared a drink on Parks and Recreation, Jim Rash wrote the best episode of the season and showed off his fantastic Jeff impression on Community, Santana rediscovered her love for ballet on Glee, Will continued to struggle with the emotional weight of his extreme empathy in his line of work on Hannibal, and Sherlock didn’t want to celebrate his one-year sober anniversary on Elementary.

As the season draws to a close, most of my shows aired good episodes this week, which I loved. I could easily have chosen Community as the best episode of the week due to Jim Rash, Donald Glover, and Danny Pudi’s acting. Hannibal was another strong contender, thanks to a guest appearance by Gina Torres (Laurence Fishburne’s real-life wife) as well as an interesting case and more exploration of the developing dynamic between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. However, in the end, I chose this week’s episode of Bones because it touched on my favorite theme – the bond between chosen families like the one at the lab.

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Galentine’s Day: A Celebration of Female Characters

It’s Galentine’s Day! Sort of. It’s technically the 14th but I haven’t slept yet so I figure I can pretend it’s still the 13th for a while longer. In keeping with the spirit of this holiday, I wanted to celebrate a few awesome ladies on television.


Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)

As the creator of Galentine’s Day, I figure she probably deserves to be mentioned first. Leslie is my fictional hero. She is passionate, determined, and caring. She believes in working to make your community a better place, celebrating the women in your life, having big dreams, and that friends (and waffles) should always be higher priorities than work.

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