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Be a Force of Nature: A Letter to Cristina Yang

For those of you who don’t know, my friend Katie (creator of Nerdy Girl Notes) is writing a book! She believes, as I do, in the power of the media to shape us and positively impact our lives. So she created The Fan Mail Project as a way for us as fans to say thank you so some of the fictional characters who have meant the most to our personal development and to highlight all of the good that comes from having diverse, positive examples of female representation in the media. The submission deadline for letters is 3 weeks away, so there is plenty of time to contribute yourself or spread the word. If you need somewhere to start, here’s a few suggestions of characters who aren’t yet represented in the book but are often cited as making a difference. Or if you’d like to see more examples of letters, Katie’s can all be found online as can the contributions of other fans

Dear Cristina,

I’ve always believed that there are some people who come into our lives exactly when we need them. These are the people who fill a piece of your heart and never really leave us. This is who you are to me. I met you a year ago. I was nicely settled in at work, doing a job I enjoy, but am not particularly passionate about. You were a first year resident and already sure you were taking the right path. You were a little off-putting at first, with your confidence and lack of interest in sugarcoating your thoughts. But you quickly revealed a deeper inner life and drive and in you, I found myself.

I didn’t find myself in all of your many positive attributes. I admire your unwavering sense of purpose and your dedication to all things related to cardiothoracic surgery. I cheered at your many successes in the operating room and with your research. But I don’t share that soul-deep certainty that I have found what I want to do with my life. You give me hope that one day I will and that I can approach it with the same tenacity and devotion so thank you for pursuing your dreams without hesitation.

Instead, it’s been in your weaknesses that I am most drawn to you. When you had your ectopic pregnancy and tried to push through like everything was fine, I recognized that impulse. I recognized the need to be strong and not show that you were hurting because in your mind, there was no reason to be. You didn’t want the pregnancy, so you weren’t grieving over a child in the same way you could have been. So life and work continued on and you probably even thought you were fine for a while. But as you and I both know, emotions aren’t that convenient and logical, as much as we wish for them to be at times. When we finally give in and allow ourselves to breakdown, we do it in a big way. Thank you for being so much like me in that moment. Thank you for making me feel less alone in my somewhat ineffective way at handling events and feelings that are beyond my control.

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The Flaws of Fictional Characters and Personal Healing: My Cristina Yang Story

No one likes to watch perfect characters. They are unrealistic, can be hard to relate to, and just aren’t as interesting. It’s in the flaws that we get to understand the whole of the person. Sometimes these flaws are of a sort that could be turned into strengths, depending on how you look at them. Other times, they are things that make characters more unpleasant to the viewer or something the character struggles with that makes their life in-universe more difficult. These flaws don’t prevent us from liking a character and sometimes these flaws make them all the more relatable as we see our own struggles reflected in them.

For me, the character who I love, flaws and all (and maybe especially for her flaws), is Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy. I admire her strengths and the way she uses things that can be perceived as flaws (like her competitiveness) as a strength to accomplish her goals. But it’s her stubbornness, guardedness, and desire to control the environment around her that draws me toward her because I understand that. It’s where she is the most relatable to me.

I just started watching Grey’s last month, so I apologize that all the examples I’m going to be using are 8-10 years old since I’m only near the end of the second season. It leaves a lot of room for future characterizations and growth but just in these two seasons, Cristina has become one of my favorite characters of all time.

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