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Episode of the Week: 10/5-10/11

This week on TV, Jake and Terry bonded over Terry’s vasectomy, Bob’s Burgers created a musical theater mashup of the movies Die Hard and Working Girl, the lawyers of Florrick Agos went through Christian arbitration with a client on The Good Wife, Emma and Elsa bonded on Once Upon a Time, Castle got more questions than answers about his disappearance on Castle, Ichabod and Abbie met a potential new ally on Sleepy Hollow, Casey and Dawson put off their wedding on Chicago Fire, Selfie improved over its pilot episode, The Mindy Project made uncomfortable more than it made me laugh, we were introduced to Barry Allen and his alter ego on The Flash, Dre realized that his son did have a culture of his own, even if it wasn’t the one he expected on Black-ish, I disliked Luke more than usual on Nashville, Fitz finally learned Abby’s name on Scandal, Wes convinced Annalise to take Rebecca’s case on How to Get Away with Murder, Zeke had heart surgery on Parenthood and Cristela reviewed with a lot of potential.

There was a lot to love on TV this week. Terry high on pain medication made me laugh a lot on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Wife continued it’s streak of amazing episodes, Emma and Elsa bonding was everything I could want on Once Upon a Time, and I had a lot of feelings about Beckett and her choice to trust Castle. Ultimately though, it was a new show that impressed me the most.

The pilot of The Flash was the most fun hour of TV I watched all week. It had plenty of serious moments and troubles for Barry and the rest of the cast but at it’s core, it’s about a geeky guy who woke up with super powers and now wants to save to save the world because he has a good heart. His mother’s murder and father’s false imprisonment is part of his past but they are not his defining characteristics. Even as a young kid before the tragedy in his life, he wanted to help people and would stand up to others against bullies. So when he finds out that there are people like him with powers that they are using to do bad things, he knows he needs to fight them.

It’s a lighter superhero show than DC Comics’ other offerings (Gotham and Arrow) and that’s a good thing. Sometimes I just want a show about good people doing good things for others. Barry will surely fail at times, both as himself and as The Flash. Mistakes will be made and bad guys will get away or he’ll hurt someone he cares about. He’ll struggle to learn that even as a metahuman, he still struggles with normal human flaws and problems. But he will continue to fight and protect Central City from those who would terrorize it. He’ll be the guy at the end of the pilot who tells his imprisoned father how proud he is to be his son. The guy who could believe in the impossible long before he became the impossible. He’ll be a guy we’d want to root for, even if he wasn’t a superhero.

I am excited to see what this season brings. It’s going to be an hour of TV that I think I will greatly enjoy watching each week and that will make me happy.

What episode would you choose as your Episode of the Week?

Episode of the Week: 9/21-9/27

Now that TV season is fully underway, it’s time for the return of my Episode of the Week posts! I’ve taken the slightly easier option of choosing the episode that most deserves to be spotlighted this week, whether I thought it was the best or it did a good job being creative and unique.

This week, my TV world was a busy one for the first time since May. I was introduced to Elizabeth McCord on Madam Secretary, worried about Cary being in prison on The Good Wife, rejoiced over the return of Sleepy Hollow, met the young Bruce Wayne on Gotham, was disillusioned with the start of s8 of The Big Bang Theory, fell in love with Schmidt again on New Girl, loved the way Mindy takes care of Danny on The Mindy Project, sobbed over the loss of Shay and the beautiful friendships between her, Severide, and Gabby on Chicago Fire, had my heart broken by Juliette on Nashville, met the Johnson family on the very funny Black-ish, cheered for Olivia’s return while grieving with Mellie on Scandal, learned How to Get Away with Murder, cried over the loss of Sweets on Bones, and began the final season of Parenthood.

There was a lot of TV I really enjoyed this week. The Good Wife is off to what looks to be a very exciting season and Eli Gold and his daughter are a wonderful treat. The Mindy Project continues to be fantastic at navigating Danny and Mindy’s relationship and premieres were strong this week. But nothing on TV thrilled me as much this week as the return of Sleepy Hollow.

It’s been a long wait for Sleepyheads (which is an adorable fan group name, btw). The s1 finale aired in January with basically all the main characters in some sort of trouble or danger. Irving was in jail, Jenny was in a car accident and we were uncertain of her fate, Katrina was taken prisoner by the Headless Horseman, Ichabod had been buried alive by his son (the 2nd Horseman of the Apocalypse), and Abbie was trapped in Purgatory. Many of these problems were resolved in the second season opener and while it was appreciated, it wasn’t what made the episode great.

I have said it many times and I will continue to say it as long as the show runs. This crazy show, with it’s blend of historical figures and Biblical end-of-times mythology, probably shouldn’t work. The plotting isn’t always tightly controlled and things can sometimes be a little too convenient, but none of that matters. The characters are what make this show a joy to watch. It’s the surprise party that scares Ichabod, and the way Ichabod and Abby hugged when they were partially reunited in Moloch’s lair, and Jenny and Ichabod trading places in the ambulance because he didn’t know how to put it in reverse that make this show work.

The chemistry between Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie is as usual, nothing short of spectacular. They sell Ichabod and Abbie’s happiness at being reunited (more than once) and really make you feel how important these characters are to each other. There is an easiness and comfort that pours out of every scene they share and even if that connection was a little rushed plot-wise last season, it works because of everything Mison and Beharie put into it.

I am also really looking forward to seeing Jenny join the team next season and be a bigger part of things. Lyndie Greenwood works so well with both Mison and Beharie and it makes her character seem like such a natural fit with the team. I want more moments between the sisters as they heal and build a new relationship moving forward and I need more of Ichabod calling her “Miss Jenny” and seeing a friendship develop there.

What was your favorite episode during this first full week of TV?

Episode of the Week: January 26th – February 1st

This week in television, we learned what the Mother has been doing all these years on How I Met Your Mother, Kelsey got jealous and told the principal that it was Marianna who sold her the pills she had been taking on The Fosters, Stiles realized he may not be in control of his actions on Teen Wolf, Ryan brought a new girlfriend home on Suburgatory, Nathan Fillion guest starred on Community, Sherlock struggled to adjust to his role as sponsor on Elementary, we said goodbye to Ann and Chris on Parks and Recreation, Derrick organized a Homecoming surprise on Enlisted, Sean Saves the World was cancelled and Bones was renewed for a 10th season.

In a decision that will shock no one, Parks and Recreation’s “Ann and Chris” is my choice for best episode of the week. This episode was a perfect episode of Parks and Rec – full of heart and lots of callbacks for loyal fans.

Leslie and Ann’s friendship has been one of my favorite parts of this show. They very clearly adore each other and their presence in each other’s lives have made both of them better people. They changed each other with their love and support for each other. This type of friendship is so rarely seen on television and that made it even more special. Too often, we hear about how great a friendship is but we never see it and I’m so grateful that Parks and Rec consciously did not go that route.

The going-away party that Leslie threw was perfect. It was over-the-top and featured so many different holidays just so she could be sure they would get to celebrate together. Her idea to break ground on Pawnee Commons was even more perfect. It was what brought them together and started this beautiful friendship and it was only fitting that it was Ann who made it possible by putting  Kathryn Pinewood in a headlock. Leslie’s taught Ann to fight for what she wants and not to let things stand in her way.

In addition to the wonder that is Leslie and Ann’s friendship, we can’t forget the fact that their partners are also best friends who had to say goodbye. For a long time, Ben and Chris were the only constants in each other’s lives as they traveled from town to town. Despite their differences, they created an unbreakable bond. They genuinely care for each other and aren’t afraid to express that, which is also rarely seen in TV depictions of male friendships.

This episode made me cry a lot but it also made me smile and laugh. It was a tribute to the power of friendship and a fitting goodbye for these two characters. I love that the episode didn’t just feature emotional goodbyes but I also love that it didn’t run away from them either. Each goodbye was fitting for the characters involved and it had enough moments that made me laugh out loud to momentarily forget about the sadness that came at the end.

Episode of the Week: January 12th-18th

This week in television, Emily blackmailed Daniel into staying married to her on Revenge, concerns about vote rigging arose on The Good Wife, Castle learned that blood doesn’t make you family on Castle, Barney got slapped on How I Met Your Mother, the Mills sisters were awesome on Sleepy Hollow, Jude blamed himself for Callie running away and broke everyone’s heart on The Fosters, Jake and Amy went on the worst date on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jess tried to bond with Coach on New Girl, Danny called his father on The Mindy Project, Kate learns how to punish kids from Diane on Trophy Wife, Casey continued to struggle from the aftermath of his injury on Chicago Fire, Antonio’s son was brought home safely on Chicago PD, Suburgatory returned and the Altman’s decided to stay in Chatswin, Pierce wants Troy to sail around the world then inherit Pierce’s fortune on Community, Ben was horrible at pranks on Parks and Recreation, Carrie found her killer instinct and learned Sebastian didn’t have one on The Carrie Diaries, and Enlisted showed us that empathy is not a negative trait for men.

This week, two sitcoms really stood out in my mind and I think both are deserving of the title of Episode of the Week. First, Enlisted really demonstrated how much potential this show has by the way it deals with the character of Randy. Randy loves being a soldier but he is terrible at it. He has a hard time turning his empathy off and it makes things like target practice difficult when your target has a family and backstory. I was sad when his brother Derrick broke that part of him in order to pass the marksmanship test until the show made Derrick regret what he had done. Randy is an enthusiastic, deeply caring character and the show doesn’t judge him negatively for that. His commanding officer instead commends him for that and tells Derrick that the Army needs more people like Randy to help the families left behind when someone is deployed. It was a beautiful message to send and made me really wish this show had better ratings.

This was also the week of the best Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode to date. Coming off its Golden Globe win, this episode (which would have been the last one had the episode order not been extended) provided a nice callback to Peralta and Santiago’s bet from the pilot and gave us some hilarious moments from Boyle and Captain Holt.

I love that a potential romance between Peralta and Santiago hasn’t been the focus of the series but I enjoyed seeing what that potential romance could look like if it happened in the future. The worst fake date was so detailed and I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see more of it because Santiago’s reactions would have been hilarious but I loved the scene on the roof that we did get even more. There’s a possibility of something interesting happening with these two characters. Their fake break-up leading to the arrest was so well done and showed how well these two characters can work together. I wouldn’t want them to date any time soon but I would like more interactions like the ones in this episode in the future.

All that being said, however, this episode was made by Captain Holt with an assist from Boyle. Holt faking a text message to get away from Sergeant Jefford’s wife was the funniest thing I saw on TV this week. It wouldn’t have worked nearly as well if Boyle hadn’t tried the same thing earlier in the episode and it just had me cracking up.

Episode of the Week: January 5th – January 11th

This week in television, Emily told the truth about her identity on Revenge, The Good Wife gave us a remarkably catchy song (complete with a cast video), Castle made everyone cry, Teen Wolf returned with nightmares for Scott, Stiles, and Allison, Holt had small dogs to give away on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Nick reminded us all to do what we love on New Girl, Bert adopted lobsters and gave them capes on Trophy Wife, Danny motivated Mindy to work out by having her imagine that she was saving celebrities on The Mindy Project, Casey returned to Firehouse 51 on Chicago Fire, Parks and Recreation celebrated their 100th episode, Community took on the serial killer genre, Marcus Bell and Sherlock made amends on Elementary, Joel and Julia made everything hurt on Parenthood, Hodgins reminded us all of his perfection on Bones, and The Carries Diaries tackled the threat of AIDS in the 80s. It also brought show premieres for Intelligence, Killer Woman, Chicago PD, and Enlisted.

This was a harder decision than I anticipated it being. This week’s episode of Castle made me sob harder than anything has since the season 4 finale of Parenthood. Seamus and Juliana Dever were so fanastically heartbreaking even though I knew Ryan and Esposito would survive. It was a wonderful reminder of how emotionally attached I am to these characters and how rewarding Castle makes those attachments.

However, this was the 100th episode of Parks and Recreation and it was a wonderful way to celebrate the show’s past and future. The theme of this episode was “dream bigger” and that’s exactly what this show makes me do. It’s a show about hope and excitement and passion and that’s why I love it.

Watching Leslie lose the recall election was hard. Watching her be so desperate for the approval of a town who rejected her was even harder. It was completely in character because City Council has been her ambition for the past season and a half but like everyone else on the show, I didn’t think it was the right move. Of course, in his role as wonderful husband, Ben got Leslie the best gift he could have possibly gotten her. He got someone to remind her that her dreams didn’t end with the City Council. And a trip to Paris, which was also very nice.

Leslie’s journey in this episode was paralleled by Tom. Since the start of the show, Tom has wanted something more than the Parks department in Pawnee. After his failed business ventures and the buy-out of Rent-a-Swag, he was looking for direction. The Shark Tank scene was fantastic and of course Jerry had a good idea that he then broke. Even though that idea failed, I love that he came up with something that fit his personality so well and that he’s excited about doing.

I loved all the townspeople we got to see in this episode from Perd Hapley to Jean-Ralphio. Pawnee has so many memorable citizens and I enjoy seeing them from time to time.

On a similar note, it was very nice to have Andy back! I loved April’s attempts to wake him up and it’s just nice to see him back with the rest of the characters.

My only complaint is that Ann and Chris have been so isolated in the past few episodes. I wouldn’t mind if they weren’t leaving, but I need more Leslie and Ann scenes. I would have liked to see Ann talking to Leslie about why running for City Council again might not be the best idea or Leslie sharing Ann’s excitement about her baby boy. I miss seeing their friendship.

Episode of the Week: December 1st-December 7th

As TV begins to wind down for 2013, I had fewer shows than usual to watch this week but there were so many good moments. Henry was (kind of) rescued on Once Upon a Time, Stockard Channing’s presence made a fantastic episode of The Good Wife even better, Margaret found out that Bill is gay on Masters of Sex, Barney threw Robin a surprise Canada-themed rehearsal dinner on How I Met Your Mother, Terry and Boyle saved the day on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Dawson and Shay finally made up on Chicago Fire, Detective Bell broke Sherlock (and the viewers’) heart on Elementary, and Brennan related beautifully to a physicist whose daughter was killed on Bones.

For as good as those moments were, there was only one possible choice for this post. All of the praise for The Good Wife this season has been so deserved. It went from a show that I almost dropped last season to one of the highlights of my TV-viewing week. This week’s episode was their 100th episode and midseason finale and it nearly matched the sheer perfection that was “Hitting the Fan” a few weeks ago.

I know that there only a very slim chance that Josh Charles will even be nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama when award season comes around again because that is such an overpopulated category but if they wanted to invent some other category just for him, I would not complain at all. His chemistry will Juliana Marguiles is truly electric and there was so much of it in this episode. From their flashback to happier times to the interrogation scenes (both imagined and real), they both just shone. Will showed some vulnerability over what happened with Alicia for the first time since “Hitting the Fan” and I loved it. He is so angry and hurt and the use of the fantasy interrogation was the perfect way to show that.

Juliana Marguiles also did some of her best work in this episode. I have loved this kick-ass Alicia that we’ve seen in recent weeks and her work during the actual interrogation scene was a perfect show of strength from her. She was so different from the way Will imagined she would be and so was able to surprise him and hurt  his case instead of helping it.

On top of their brilliant work, Stockard Channing just makes everything better and I need more of Veronica sparring with Jackie in the future. Finally, Alan Cumming provided the best comedic relief of the evening with his spit-take reaction to the name of Marilyn’s future child. It was just a fantastic episode of TV and a great way to end the first half of this season.

Episode of the Week: November 24th-30th

This week on TV, Will and Alicia faced off on their first case on The Good Wife, Bill made Gini feel unimportant on Masters of Sex, Kennex and Dorian showed off their partnership on Almost Human, the precinct was adorable with a baby on Castle, Ichabod found ut he had a son on Sleepy Hollow, How I Met Your Mother was done entirely in rhyme, the 9-9 precinct celebrated Thanksgiving on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, everyone attempted camping on New Girl, Cruz got engaged to Otis’s cousin on Chicago Fire, and Blaine made everyone puppet versions of themselves on Glee.

My choice for Episode of the Week is a little unusual this time around because I really didn’t enjoy the episode that much. It certainly wasn’t my favorite of the week (that would be Brooklyn Nine-Nine) or the best of the week (Masters of Sex, largely due to Caitlin FitzGerald’s brilliant acting). Instead, my choice for this week’s episode is How I Met Your Mother. It was a gimmicky episode, to be sure, but they actually framed the gimmick well.

The episode featured 3 separate stories about Ted, Robin, and Barney respectively, told in rhyme to keep Marvin asleep. I was really impressed for the first story and then I got tired of the gimmick but I applaud them for going for it. It can’t have been an easy episode to write and I feel like the writers deserve a lot of credit for this episode as do the actors. It won’t be my favorite episode of the season but so far, it’s been the most original.

Episode of the Week: November 17th-23rd

After a one-week break, I am back with my thoughts on the best episode of the week. This week saw the start of Almost Human, the return of Natalie Flores (America Ferrera) on The Good Wife, more heartbreak with the Bartons on Masters of Sex, more fairy-tale family connections on Once Upon a Time, a terrifying episode of Castle, all of my tears over Chicago Fire, Billy Joel songs on Glee, Joel Braverman being uncharacteristically awful on Parenthood, and two hilarious episodes of Parks and Rec.

While many shows could easily have been the best episode of the week, there were two that stood out for me. The first was Parks and Recreation, which I guest-reviewed for Nerdy Girl Notes. It was a great hour to spend with my favorite show and it cracked me up so many times.

The other winner of the week was Chicago Fire. The promos for this week’s episode were intense (and rather misleading) and I knew that I was going to end up crying over it because that’s what I do with this show. Unlike most weeks, the episode revolved around a central case, which on its own would still have made for an engaging hour of television. Where this show really shines, however, is in the character moments. The best example of this came when Chief Boden and Peter were trapped in a building and essentially, prepared to die in an explosion. Despite Chief’s orders, his house refused to give up on him and found a way to rescue them any way. It really brought out the chosen family aspect of the show, which is what drew me in in the first place.

This show has done an amazing job making me care about all of these characters so much. I was proud of Gabby for the good work she did as an EMT, I was proud of Hermann for taking the lieutenant’s exam again, I was proud of Severide for meeting his half-sister, and I was proud of and heartbroken for Casey having to say goodbye to his best friend’s sons (who he had been raising while their mom was in jail). The best shows are the ones that make you feel the most and this show deserves more recognition than it gets for the great job it does.

Episode of the Week: November 3rd-9th

Once again, it was another great week of TV.  Taye Diggs made a memorable appearance on New Girl and the show welcomed back Coach, Diane Lockhart had her heart broken by Peter passing her over for the Supreme Court and broke all of our hearts in the process, Caitlin Fitzgerald and Allison Janney shone on Masters of Sex, and Adam Lambert reminded me just how much I love his voice on Glee.

While there were probably “better” episodes of TV this week from a critical standpoint, none made me as happy as this week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow. I even watched it twice, which is something I very rarely do.

The baseball scene was utter perfection. Abbie explaining to Ichabod what she loved about baseball told us so much about her character. She values the comfort of consistancy, recognizes the importance of partnership (a key theme in the episode), and believes that opportunities should be available for anyone without discrimination. On top of that, it was just a hilarious scene. My smile was just as big as Abbie’s was when Ichabod started yelling at the umpire. It was a nice way to start the episode and shows how close Ichabod and Abbie have become.

The partnership between Ichabod and Abbie is my favorite part of the show. I love that Abbie explained to Jenny why he’s so important to her and I love that her connection with him was strong enough that the Sin Eater could use her to find him. They are meant to be in each other’s lives, in whatever capacity that happens to be in the future. They are soul mates, though only time will tell whether it ends up as a platonic or romantic relationship. Either way, they are two people who need each other and are better because of the other and that is a type of relationship that I love to see.

It was an episode that made me happy and extremely emotional to watch and some weeks, that means more to me than anything else. I think the plot of the show is interesting but it’s the connection between characters that keeps me coming back. I’d like to see Katrina and Abbie interact more in future episodes because even with the backstory, I’m still not as interested in her as I think I should be. I also need more of Irving in the future, partly because I like him as a character and partly because Orlando Jones is a particularly awesome individual.

Episode of the Week: October 13th-October 19th

Now that most of my shows have gotten past their first few episodes of the season and now that I am caught up on nearly all of my shows after a vacation in the beginning of October, it’s time to bring back my regular “episode of the week” posts! Each Sunday, I’ll talk about my favorite episode of TV from the previous week.

I have been really happy with my TV shows this season, so there were a lot of contenders for this week’s winner. The Good Wife is back on form after a rocky 4th season, Castle is better than ever with Beckett and Castle happily settled in to their relationship, Sleepy Hollow has consistently been my favorite new network show, and Masters of Sex has been incredible.  While any of these four could easily have been my favorite of the week, I have to go with the episode “Standard Deviation” from Masters of Sex as my favorite episode because of it’s personal impact on me.

This week on Masters of Sex, we got some more insight into a young William Masters and how that made him into the person he is at the start of the show. He is a man who had an interest that was outside of social norms and so in order to be able to pursue his passion, he had to live a very specific life. He needed to be married to a good woman, having children would be the ideal, and he needed to be a respected doctor before he could be allowed to do the research he really wanted. As a result, he devoted himself to being the best OB/GYN in the Midwest and married Libby. It also helped explain why he was so interested in what he perceived as normal sexuality. His whole adult life had basically been a checklist of things he needed to do in a certain way, so he assumed sex needed to be equally regimented.

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