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Episode of the Week: March 24 – March 30

Show: Chicago Fire

Episode Title: A Coffin That Small

This week in television, Greg a.k.a. Owen confronted Regina on Once Upon a Time, Peter offered Diane a position as judge while Alicia told Will they had to be over on The Good Wife, Carrie and Walt had a heart-to-heart about his sexuality on The Carrie Diaries, we got an awesome episode about Ryan on Castle, Nick’s father died and Jess was Elvis on New Girl, Anne and Ryan liked the same girl on Go On, Severide and Shay were adorable on Chicago Fire, and we all fell in love with the idea of Skye and Jeff together on Cult

There were four episodes of television that really stood out to me this week. Each episode brought with it strong character development and lots of heart but this week’s honor of episode of the week goes to the show that made me the most emotional – Chicago Fire.

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