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Fall 2013 Pilot Review: Almost Human

Airs: Mondays on FOX at 8PM EST

Timeslot Competition: How I Met Your Mother/2 Broke Girls (CBS), Dancing with the Stars (ABC), The Voice (NBC), Hart of Dixie (CW)

Premise: In this future look at the LAPD, a cop who is opposed to robot partners is paired with a robot who is capable of emotion.

Pre-show Thoughts: I’ve been looking forward to this show. Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse are two of my favorite TV shows and so I’m hoping that Almost Human will take after them and explore what it means to be a human. I have a feeling that will be the key to my enjoyment of the show. I want to be forced to think about the issues raised as well as be entertained by the story.

Post-show Thoughts: I tentatively like the show so far. I’m not particularly interested in the Insyndicate story arc at the moment but I’m intrigued by the partnership between John and Dorian. I liked that Dorian explained how he is programmatically different from the MXs and I imagine the distinction will come again again in future episodes.

I want to watch the next episode to get a better impression of what an average episode will be like. My desire to continue with this show is going to come down to what sort of balance between character relationships and the police work the show can find. Since the police work isn’t particularly interesting to me, I’m hoping that the show will start to focus more on relationships. I’m also not too interested in John’s missing memory and how the ex-girlfriend is involved with Insyndicate, so I’m hoping that doesn’t become the entire point of the show.