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Best of 2013: Returning Shows

Just like it was a great year for new TV, it was a great year for returning TV as well. Several shows did a fantastic job at reinventing themselves and proving their quality in a rapidly-growing TV world.

Breaking Bad I’ll admit, I haven’t seen the last two episodes of Breaking Bad (a problem that should be remedied this week) but the six episodes that preceded them were fantastic. From Walt and Hank’s confrontation in the garage to the scenes in the desert, the season was filled with tension and it brought out the best in all of the actors. While I know that not everyone was thrilled with the finale, there is no denying that the episodes leading up to it were among the best this show had to offer.

Game of Thrones This season brought 3 outstanding moments – the Dracarys scene, Jaime’s confession in the baths, and the Red Wedding. It also brought with it fantastic additions to the cast in Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister, Diana Rigg as Olenna Tyrell, and Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell. It was full of interesting connections between characters and some truly outstanding performances. This show continues to be one of the best.

The Good Wife I am so impressed with what this show has managed in its fifth season. The decision to split the cast into two different and competing firms has completely revitalized the show. There is a new energy and excitement to it and the quality is higher than ever. It’s hard enough to do even one episode like “Hitting the Fan” in a season but just a few weeks after that aired, we got “The Decision Tree” which was one of the best 100th episodes of a show that I’ve ever seen. For all those who think that nothing on network TV could ever compare to a cable drama, watch this show. It’ll prove you wrong.

Parks and Recreation Parks and Rec started out this year with one of its best episodes – “Two Parties”. More than almost any other, this episode summed up what this show is all about. It’s about good people doing doing things for each other. That theme carried through to “Leslie and Ben” as everyone important to Ben and Leslie pitched in to give them a perfect wedding. It’s been a year of love, friendship, and lots of laughter for this show and it never gets old.

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Finale Review: New Girl

Episode Title: Elaine’s Big Day

Renewal Status: Renewed for season three

Pre-finale Thoughts: Over the past season, this show has become my second favorite comedy on air. It shares one major thing in common with my favorite show – the positive tone. New Girl is about a group of friends who enjoy each other’s company and do things like buy each other the occasional cookie because that’s what friends do. The characters all have their problems and they screw up but they are still shown as being lovable people. 

I have also been really impressed with the way they have handled Jess and Nick’s relationship so far. From their first kiss during Young Americans to their post-sex visit and talk with Nick’s dad, everything has felt very natural and organic. I don’t feel like things are being forced between them. They have just evolved from their friendship and I like that. That is how to properly get a couple together on a show.

Finale Thoughts: I think New Girl had the most enjoyable finale of the season so far. It was funny and sweet at the same time. It resolved some plot points, while opening up new possibilities for next season. It was what a finale should be. 

He doesn’t get enough love, so I’m gonna start with Winston’s story. I love his enthusiasm and ineptitude for pranking. Who else would think it was a good idea to drop an angry badger on a priest’s head to disrupt a wedding? Mostly though, what I loved the most was when he told Nick that there were other moves, that he didn’t have to be his dad. Winston may be a bad pranker, but he is a good friend. 

I fully expected CeCe to call off the wedding for Schmidt, so that didn’t surprise me at all. I do like that Schmidt wasn’t just waiting for her to realize that she still loved him. I think he genuinely cares about Elizabeth and has been enjoying the rekindling of their relationship. I think he’ll ultimately choose CeCe but I hope Elizabeth can stick around somehow because I really like her. She is so confident in herself and such a good influence on Schmidt. 

I was ready to be done with television after Nick and Jess called off the relationship. I had had enough of potential breakups or large relationship-altering events for one finale season. The end completely made up for it though. Jess does have concerns (and Nick shares those concerns) but they want to make it work anyway. They are choosing to be together now, even if it doesn’t work out. I really love that. 

Hopes for Season Nine: I hope that this show keeps up the great work it has done with Jess and Nick next season. It has been so good and I would hate for that to go away.

I’d like more Winston. He’s been underutilized and I want to see more of him.  

Episode of the Week: March 17 – March 23

Show: New Girl

Episode Title: Quick Hardening Caulk

This week in television, we saw Storybrooke immediately after the curse on Once Upon a Time, someone from Emily’s past returned on Revenge, Carrie celebrated her birthday on The Carrie Diaries, an urban legend (almost) came to life on Castle, Jess was sexually attracted to Nick on New Girl, we learned that Mr. K had almost been a child star on Go On, Peter learned more about his father’s death on Chicago Fire, Glee was oddly literal during their performance of Creep, everyone continued to be creepy and ominous on Cult, and Malibu Country came to a close.

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