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Finale Review: Chicago Fire

Episode Title: A Hell of a Ride

Renewal Status: Renewed for season two

Pre-finale Thoughts: Chicago Fire is one of my favorite new shows of the year. It’s really a show about the characters and the family they have created together. Yes, they fight fires and do the other occupational things that firefighters do, but that’s not the point of the show. The relationships between the characters are what makes this show worth watching. Leslie Shay and Kelly Severide have my favorite male-female friendship on TV right now and Shay and Dawson’s friendship is another great female friendship. When something goes wrong, the house bands together and it always brings me to tears.

I highly recommend this show to anyone who enjoys chosen families and engaging characters. It’s been a great first season and I was looking forward to seeing what the finale had in store.

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Finale Review: Modern Family

Episode Title: The Bon Voyage Reaction

Renewal Status: Renewed for season five

Pre-finale Thoughts: Modern Family is the type of show that I watch every week and then never think about the episode again. I always enjoy it when it’s on, it’s just not one of my favorites. This season was no exception to that. I’m reasonably happy with everything that’s going on. To be more precise, I’m not upset about anything, although Manny is starting to wear on me a bit. It’s just a pleasant show to watch for 30 minutes. 

Finale Thoughts: This was a good episode. It didn’t set up much for next season nor where there a lot of issues to resolve in this season but it still felt like a finale. Alex’s speech at the funeral and everyone’s reactions were really sweet. It was a fun episode that still managed to be touching, which is what Modern Family excels at.  

Hopes for Season Five: I would like more of whatever this show does that makes me enjoy it so much while it’s on. 

Finale Review: Elementary

Episode Title: The Woman/Heroine

Renewal Status: Renewed for season two

Pre-finale Thoughts: I have really enjoyed the first season of this show although it has absolutely nothing to do with the cases, even the Moriarty arc. I watch this show for the interactions between Sherlock and Joan. It was apparently a season for strong male-female friendships and their’s is one of the best. Their relationship has grown and evolved from the first episode in a way that feels completely natural. They have both helped the other grow as individuals and as such, it has made their relationship stronger. I love that there isn’t even a hint of romantic tension between them because that’s not what they need from each other. 

That being said, I do enjoy when procedural shows use season-long story arcs so I was happy to see one emerge this season with Moriarty. They have been some of the strongest episodes of the season and it has also provided a lot of insight into Sherlock as a character. 

The twist at the end of the penultimate episode made me really excited for the finale. I wanted to see how the reveal that Irene was actually alive would affect Sherlock and what that meant for Moriarty.

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Finale Review: The Big Bang Theory

Episode Title: The Bon Voyage Reaction

Renewal Status: Renewed for season seven

Pre-finale Thoughts: This season has been hit or miss for me. I wasn’t at all happy with where Sheldon’s character seemed to be going at the beginning of the season but I’ve been much happier since the show returned from it’s winter hiatus.

I feel like the show has actually lost a little of its nerdiness as it has become more popular because we are focusing more on the characters and their lives rather than their work. I don’t necessarily mind, it’s just a shift for the show. 

Because it is such a character driven show, there wasn’t a lot I really wanted to wrap up in the finale. I just wanted to see how it set things up for next season. 

Finale Thoughts: I liked this episode. I am so incredibly happy with Penny and Leonard’s relationship right now. They handled the separation like adults and Penny supported Leonard because as she pointed out to Sheldon, that’s what girlfriend’s do. They have come a really long way from Leonard lusting over the pretty blonde girl across the hall and have grown into a real relationship. 

I think getting rid of Raj’s inability to talk to girls without the use of alcohol could mean interesting things for next season. He obviously wants to find the love and companionship that the rest of the group has and I would like for him to find it. From a casting perspective, I want them to be really careful because the current group has such a good dynamic, but it would be a good step forward for Raj’s character. I want him to either find someone or accept the fact that he’s currently single and be happy with that. 

Hopes for Season Seven: I’d like to continue the positive character growth that we got to see this season. They’ve all matured so much since season one and I would like that progression to continue.

Finale Review: How I Met Your Mother

Episode Title: Something New

Renewal Status: Renewed for a (final) season nine

Pre-finale Thoughts: I haven’t really enjoyed this season. There have definitely been episodes that I’ve liked, but as a whole, this season fell flat to me. At this point, the show is just dragging on and I think we are all ready to meet the mother and wrap the show up. It’s been eight years, it’s time to get to the story the audience really wants to hear.

Finale Thoughts: Like I was with the majority of the season, I was underwhelmed by the finale. My biggest complaint is that the stakes weren’t high. Ted isn’t moving to Chicago and Robin isn’t the one for him. Marshall will take that judgeship because if not, we’d effectively be saying goodbye to Marshall and Lily or committing to a time jump of a year and a week. It feels like the episode was just like the season, killing time until we finally met The Mother.

Thankfully, we did actually manage to see the woman Ted will end up marrying in the last shot of the episode, with her trademark yellow umbrella. I don’t know how exactly she’ll meet Ted, but we have seen her at least.

Hopes for Season Nine: My biggest hope is that the final season will be a lot better than this one has been. I want to leave the show after enjoying it, not after wishing it had ended earlier. I’ve waited through 8 seasons to met The Mother and I don’t want to be disappointed now that we will.   

Finale Review: Castle

Episode Title: Watershed

Renewal Status: Renewed for season six

Pre-finale Thoughts: This has been one of the most enjoyable seasons of Castle for me. While there have been some misses, this season has also had some particularly incredible episodes. I have been really happy with that they have done with Castle and Beckett’s relationship this season (with the exception of the events in The Squab and the Quail) and I feel hopeful that I will continue to be happy with the choices made for them. I liked that both Ryan and Esposito got an episode this season that allowed us to learn a little more about their past and I like the way Gates has started to become more of a part of the team.

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Finale Review: Revenge

Episode Title: Truth

Renewal Status: Renewed for season three

Pre-finale Thoughts: This season hasn’t been nearly as good as the first, although it has improved in the past few episodes. There were a couple big problems this season.

First, the introduction of Aiden. I just cannot care about him at all and so his presence brought the season down for me. As a side note, there also was not enough Nolan. His friendship with Emily is one of my favorite parts of the series and it seems like the show kept trying to make Aiden fill the role instead.

Second, there was way too much focus on The Initiative. I think their role is interesting, but only as much as they relate to David Clark. I like conspiracy theories and shady organizations, but it wasn’t what I wanted from this show. I want to see how Emily gets her revenge on them and the Clarksons, not see what else they are still up to.

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Finale Review: Once Upon A Time

Episode Title: Second Star to the Right/And Straight on ‘Til Morning

Renewal Status: Renewed for season three

Pre-finale Thoughts: This season has been uneven. For every good episode, it seems like we get one mediocre episode. For me, the largest problem has been the large cast. There are a lot of characters that have been introduced this season and as a result, the focus is taken away from the characters we have grown to love. The main cast (Emma, Charming, Snow, Henry, Rumplestiltskin, and Regina) still get a good amount of screen time overall, but characters like Ruby and Belle pop up only sporadically. The second half of the season had a noticeable lack of Ruby, especially after how involved she was with helping Charming with Snow and Emma were in Fairytale Land. I do like some of the new characters, like Anton and Hook, but I haven’t enjoyed the Tamara and Greg storyline and I also wasn’t a fan of the Cora plot.

Season one seemed to have such a distinctive purpose (breaking the curse) and now that they achieved that goal, I think the writers are a little lost. Regina wanted redemption at the beginning of the season and now all she seems to want is revenge. We’ve seen glimpses of what is driving Regina but then they seem to vanish in favor of her being evil. Rumplestiltskin has had similar problems. He finally found his son and they’ve hardly interacted since he almost died. I still enjoy the show but it does feel like it’s missing some of the magic that season one captured so well.

Finale Thoughts: “Second Star to the Right” got a lot closer to recapturing some of the early joys of this show than an episode has in a while. I really loved Bae’s flashbacks and I love the twist on Peter Pan. He was a little boy who wanted a family more than anything and sacrificed himself to protect them, just as he ultimately ended up doing in Storybrooke. He sacrificed himself so that Henry would get to keep one of his parents and not have to feel abandoned like he and Emma did.

I like where the episode left us in terms of plot and potential alliances. I really love that it looks like Charming, Snow, and Emma will be working together with Regina to prevent the destruction of Storybrooke and I think that has a lot of potential to lead to good things in season three.

That being said, I really hate how they got there. Tamara and Greg really served no purpose except to move the story to where it needs to be. They were a threat that came out of nowhere, with a weird religious zeal to destroy magic. Greg has some explanation for why he wants it destroyed but I feel like Tamara’s was lacking. They lacked the depth needed to make them a convincing part of the storyline and so they ended up being nothing more than plot devices. They set up a lot of potential, I just wish it would have been done better.

“And Straight on ‘Til Morning” was another very strong episode. I continued to love Bae’s flashbacks and seeing him meet Hook. I know that Neal said he knew Hook, but I embarrassing never made the connection that Bae was Milah’s son and therefore should be at least a little significant to Hook.

I am very excited about the plot that they have set up for season three. I’m a little concerned about how they will now split time between three worlds plus two different times, but I’ll remain optimistic. I find the Charmings, Rumplestiltskin, Regina, and Hook working together much more interesting than I find them fighting. I’m also excited about the change to see Mulan and Aurora again and happy that Neal is alive. I am a bit confused about why Peter Pan wants Henry and how Tamara and Greg seem to be working for him but that was probably the point.

Hopes for Season Three: I want everyone who is searching for Henry to become a team. They’ll probably always bicker because there’s a lot of history among them but people working together against outside forces is one of my favorite things to watch and I want this alliance to last.

I would still like to see what’s going on in Storybrooke. I’d imagine that Belle and Ruby would be in charge and I very much hope I’m right. I love Belle and Ruby’s friendship and I think they’d do a great job as leaders.

Finale Review: Glee

Episode Title: All or Nothing

Renewal Status: Renewed for seasons five and six

Pre-finale Thoughts: This has been a mess of a season. I was actually optimistic after seeing the first couple episodes then everything became a disaster. I don’t feel like they split the time between New York and Lima well, then there was the completely random and somewhat out-of-place (though not entirely unwelcome) guest appearances by the older cast members. Through in some random plot devices for drama and you have this season of Glee. You had Tina’s weird crush on Blaine then everyone making fun of her weird crush on Blaine, Blaine’s crush on Sam, Kitty being awful to Marley (whose eating disorder vanished after Sectionals) then being easily forgiven, and a dance teacher who was only awful to Rachel because she believed she actually had a chance of succeeding and wanted to push her. Except for the time she slept with Rachel’s boyfriend, who was also a prostitute. Oh, and Brittany is a secret genius that can get into any college she wants, apparently.

On the plus side, I am loving Santana being in New York with Kurt and Rachel and I love Isabelle whenever she is on the show. I also really like the new kids, so I don’t mind the focus on them.

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Finale Review: Community

Episode Title: Advanced Introduction to Finality

Renewal Status: Not yet renewed, an announcement should be made either way by Monday at the latest

Pre-finale Thoughts: I was concerned going into the season. Community has a very distinctive feel to it and it seemed like the type of show that would be fairly severely impacted by the loss of the creator/show runner. After the first episode, my concerns hadn’t gone away.

For the first part of the season, episodes were kind of hit or miss. I didn’t care about the Troy/Britta romance or Changnesia and it seemed to have lost some of it’s spark. However, toward the end of the season, I started to really enjoy the episodes again. I loved the puppet episode and I loved the fake Freaky Friday episode. Now, going into the finale, I’m sure that I’m not ready to say goodbye to this show yet.

Finale Thoughts: I liked it. I wasn’t sure where they were going with the evil!timeline but I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I liked the callbacks to earlier episodes (#sixseasonsandamovie) and honestly, if that was the series finale, I will be ok with that. Jeff has always been the main character even if others are actually more popular than he is with fandom and he has shown a lot of growth over the past four seasons. It feels right that this episode reflected that change and Jeff’s apprehension about going back to the person he was.

Hopes for Season Five: I just want to know if we are getting one at this point. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much.